Avoid Warrants and License Suspension

What can you do to avoid Warrants / License Suspension?

· If you feel that you may have forgotten to pay a fine, taken care of a ticket, or finish a Work Program in exchange for a fine, contact the Court District where you got the ticket, and have them look up the status of the case. If a warrant has been issued, you can go to any local Police Department and get booked and released with a new court date to appear. An inconvenience, but minor compared to getting arrested while going out for pizza with your family.

· If by chance, your license is suspended for one reason or another, you may be able to get a exemption to drive to or from work, or be able to drive "in the course of employment" This is a privilege you don’t want to abuse. I have arrested people trying to buy drugs at 2 in the morning saying they are working. All exemptions to allow driving while employed will be verified. If they are not valid, no exemptions will be allowed.

· Arrest warrants stay in the system for long periods of time, they don’t disappear in a year or two. If you feel you might have a warrant, or unpaid fine, call the courts and inquire. You might be able to make arrangements to make payments, or perform work alternative to pay off the fine. If it’s a warrant for a serious crime, you probably knew you had it coming.

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