Bail – Tips


· So, if the crime allows for bail to be posted, you can be released on a specified bail amount.

· If you cannot afford the bail amount, using a Bail Bondsman is an option but you’ll lose the 10% of the bail amount for the bondman’s services. Don’t show in court and you’re in serious…..

· If you get arrested for more than one crime, bail amounts for each crime can be “stacked” (added together) making it almost impossible to come up with the amount.

· Parents. We all love our children, but give this some serious thought. You have a 25-year-old son who can’t keep a job, can’t stay off drugs, and is a repeat criminal offender. Your intentions are good in wanting to put up your house as collateral for your son’s release on bail. But look at the track record your son has displayed. Consider the consequences you’ll be paying for your son’s mistake, when he doesn’t show up for court. The key word here is your son’s mistake, not yours.

· If you fail to show for court on any matter, the Judge may issue an arrest warrant. The warrant can be cite-releasable, can post a bail amount, or if the Judge wants to see you bad enough the warrant can be a “No-Bail” warrant. Believe us when we tell you that it’s not worth letting things get this far.

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