Tips to avoid injury due to Brandishing

Tips to avoid injury due to Brandishing:

· First, NEVER brandish someone with a weapon, whether out of anger, rage, etc., unless it is in justifiable self-defense (which will be covered in another topic)

· If someone brandishes a weapon at you, whether out of anger, intimidation, or even during a robbery attempt, think about the consequences. A weapon is a weapon. Usually the person brandishing a weapon will back off or leave if not confronted. If the person is confronted, the weapon is already there and will probably be used.

· Brandishing occur frequently during robberies. From a Car-jacking to a Bank robbery, if a weapon is displayed, it won’t take much for it to be used. Just try to be a good witness and relay the information to police. DON’T BE A HERO!

· Don’t make the wrong decision of trying to take a weapon away from someone else. Chances are it will result in the weapon being used against you. Innocent children have been shot because of 2 adults wrestling over a gun, and the gun gets fired. I know you’ve seen that one in the movies. Unfortunately it’s an all too real “deadly mistake”.

· Remember that brandishing is an arrestable offense! If it does happen to you, report it to the police and try to provide as detailed description of the weapon as possible.

· Was it a knife?

· What color was the handle?

· How long was the blade?

· Sharp on both blade ends like a switchblade or serrated (jagged) on one side like a survival knife?

· Was there a noticeable design on the handle?

· Which hand was the Suspect holding the knife with?

· Was it a Handgun?

· What color was the gun barrel? Blued steel, Nickel-Plated, Chrome?

· Was it a Revolver or a Semi-Automatic Pistol? Do you know the difference?

· First thing to remember. No matter HOW MUCH your car is worth, or HOW NICE your car is, is it really worth your life? I can’t think of a car made that is worth more than a human life. But you read about it everyday. Man killed during car jacking, Woman hurt during car jacking attempt, Woman’s children taken along with car during robbery……….

· Most of the time, a carjacker just wants a quick escape to get away from a crime he’s already committed. Your car will turn up a day or two later, probably undamaged. Most of the time, a carjacker does not want the extra liability of having you, or child involved. Most know that by taking you or your children in the commission of a carjacking, now makes the crime a kidnapping. A crime with much more harsh and severe consequences in Court. In fact most carjacking suspects would rather just take your car and have nothing to do with you.

· Most will not hurt you unless they encounter a struggle or resistance from you. In some cases, people do get hurt for no reason but those are rare if the victim just gives up their car willingly.

· Is it worth the risk of injury, or even death, to protect a material item? If someone steals your car to strip or sell it, they are not going to steal it with you in it. You are a witness. They will steal it when no one is around. That is not a car jacking. That is vehicle theft.

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