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Ask a Cop?: Respect…..

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From: Hunter
Sent: Sunday, December 19, 2010 5:39 PM
Subject: Respect

I am turning 21 this year. I have attended Texas Tech University for 2 years but have decided that I want to stop with my associates degree for the time being and join the Fort Worth Police Dept. My question to yall is: Do you get respect as a young police officer? From fellow cops? From the civilians? I personally could not care less about whether or not some gang banger likes getting a ticket from a guy his age, but I am however concerned with the people I work with. And if yall have any tips…they would be much appreciated. Thank you for all yall do and keep it up.

– Hunter

Thanks for the question:

The first thing I would suggest, stay in school get that degree!!! The Police Dept. is not going anywhere. Getting your degree AFTER you join will be 3 x harder and could be the difference of being on patrol for years on end, or being able to test for a rank position, Sgt etc. ( Not to mention pay raises down the road)

Second, in my years of seeing young officers join etc. and respect from fellow officers depended on how that young person conducted themselves.

If the officer was a "go getter", chasing crooks , foot pursuits etc.,( and not to the point of endangering him/herself or other officers) knowing their beat, people, history of problem families, taking care of business etc. would gain respect hands down. Also staying on top of current law, case law etc. helped.

On the other hand, a young cop with no life experience, being heavy handed to prove "himself", getting investigated all the time, heavy partying off duty, chasing "skirts" in and out of the PD would fall short of respect from other cops.

The job/career is a huge responsibility and so much so, the people(citizens-state etc.) have given you the power to take another human beings life . Decisions you make in nano seconds, will be felt for years to come, and for lifetimes in the case of deadly force, not to forget Law Enforcement officers all across the country.


Ask a Cop?: Drinking Age

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From: Dakota
Sent: Monday, January 03, 2011 6:00 PM
Subject: drinking age

Do you think the drinking age should be lowered? Why or why not?

I believe that many years ago when "parents" actually controlled and were responsible for their offspring etc., neighbors kept an eye out for each other and their kids, 18 was not a bad age for drinking BEER. This was when parents could discipline their own children (within reason) without the courts or Police stepping in and kids actually listened to parents.

Kids seemed to be a bit "smarter" up until the 80’s when the court system turned parenting over to the kids themselves,( Jack and Jill were now telling their parents when they got home, they’d have Mom and Dad arrested if they touched them) and the lack of a cohesive family unit no longer existed. It became apparent that kids lost respect for parents, Police and the courts,laws and in some cases themselves.

Subsequently, I believe 21 is a good age for alcohol consumption as "hopefully" Jack and Jill may have matured enough to be responsible alcohol consumers.In some cases, they don’t.

I do believe that the age for Military person to consume alcohol should be 18, as they have decided to give at least 2 years of their life to the Military and the defense of their country. They can and in some cases give their lives in defense of their country long before they are legally able to purchase alcohol.

Yes, lower it for Military personnel, but keep it at 21 for the general population.

That’s my "humble" opinion on the matter.