Ask a Cop?: CC License on my phone?



I have scanned my DL and carry license into folio and I have verified that the bar code scans.  Would it be acceptable to present an officer with my phone with the folio app opened rather than the physical cards issued by the state?  I know officers have some discretion if you forgot your DL if you give them enough info to correctly identify yourself.  I am not sure if this falls into that catagory or if this is legally sufficient as presenting your DL.  I only ask to see if I can get by without carrying a wallet. 

Thank you for your service.


With photoshop and all the apps available to create things nowadays, a scan wouldn’t be accepted by most officers. DMV rules and most vehicle codes state you must carry and present your physical license when asked. The licenses and ID cards have security measures built into them the officer can verify in person while they can’t with a scan. Some people show proof of insurance on their phones but a scan of a license won’t work. You could still get a ticket for no license in possession which is correctable, but is it worth the hassle. Get one of those thin ID holders to carry your license if you don’t want to carry a wallet. I never have enough money to carry a wallet with me but I do carry my license….


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