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Tips to Avoid: Cat Burglars

Cat Burglars

· You can’t do anything about living on a dark street with no street lamps. Some people prefer that in comparison to bright glaring streetlights. Just be aware that Burglars and Prowlers also like those dark streets. Keep front and rear porch lights on during hours of darkness.

· They make porch lights on sensors, just like the motion lights mounted at the corners of homes. When it’s dark out and the porch light is turned off, it will come on automatically when something crosses it’s beam. You’re going to get sick of us telling you this, but Burglars HATE Light!

· Motion Lights. GET THEM! They are cheap, and invaluable!

· Don’t want a dog? That’s cool. Many people don’t. But you can use the neighbor’s dog as a warning signal. Especially the dog that doesn’t normally bark a lot. Being K9 Officers, Mark and I can both tell you that you when we are searching yards for a suspect, dog’s all over the neighborhood start barking. Pay attention to that valuable tool. Especially late at night or in the early morning hours.

· Get in touch with your neighbors. If you all get along, then great. If not (and many don’t) and least get together for a common goal to protect each other’s homes. Start a neighborhood watch group. Call your local Police Department for information on how to get started.

· Lock your sliding glass doors, garage doors, and windows at night! They have spacers allowing the windows and sliders to be kept partially open for ventilation. Get them! PLEASE keep your family safe, and intruders OUT! Lock up!

· Last but not least, if you have a few bucks to throw out for peace of mind, INVEST in an ALARM SYSTEM! Any one of these things could have kept our Cat Burglar from being successful. Any one of these things could have kept the woman from being raped, as was described under Crime Prevention.

Every action has a reaction. What action are you going to take?