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Do you have a questions? We might have answers!

Do you have a questions? We might have answers!

One of our customers who is patiently awaiting his arrival of “CopTalk” by mail, recently emailed us with specific questions in regards to vehicle alarm systems verses other anti-theft devices. I got so carried away in answering his question that I thought, “Boy, there’s enough information here to be the tip of the every other week topic!”

And so, here it is.

If any of you that read our page have any questions pertaining to any information discussed in the site, please email us and we will be happy to either answer or research the answer for you to the best of our ability.

The Netcops Staff sincerely wishes you a SAFE and HAPPY Thanksgiving Day Holiday. Use good old common sense, DON’T drink and drive, and you’ll be headed in the right direction.

Stay Safe everybody!

Here’s this week’s Tip of the week in response to our customer’s question: