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Dear Officer Lambert,
Today I came across your Web Site “Netcopspsi” and I think I spent about four hours just sitting here reading — and I’m still not finished. Thank you so much for caring enough to share with us this invaluable information. I hope with all my heart that those who read the advice you put into this site take it very seriously and DO it (or don’t do it as the case may be).

Reading your stories, especially those where you express your HONEST opinion, makes me want to rejoice knowing that there are still some people in this world who believe in proper discipline, morals, kindness and flat out RESPECT. And I agree with your opinions about proper parenting. Even I, someone who doesn’t have to deal with the kinds of things that you do on a daily basis, get sick and disgusted over the neglect so many parents have of their children and the seeming disregard so many people have for their fellow citizen. What I believe has happened is that “self” has become more important than God’s commandment to “love thy neighbor as thy self”.

What I want to express to you is my gratitude. I want to let you know that as a person you have my respect. As an officer, you not only have my respect but my loyalty as well. No one has asked you or your fellow officers to take the badge and make a vow to risk your life for our sake. This is something you have chosen to do out of a deep desire to see some good happen in this world. But no matter what the reasons are for a man or woman when they decide to become a police officer or a fire fighter or rescue worker, it boils down to one thing for me. It takes a very special person to be willing to face the evils of this world on a daily basis for the sake of “brotherly love”.

We have a special practice in my little family, I’ve taught this to my little girls since they were old enough to speak. Every time we hear a police, fire or rescue siren, no matter where we are, what we’re doing or how far the distance, we stop what we are doing to take a moment to recommend you to the protection and care of our Blessed Mother and Jesus. We know the dangers you face, the selflessness of your duty and the love it takes to have the courage to do what you do and we love you all for it. So when things get particularly tough, when you have to stop to ask yourself “why” or have a little difficulty putting the badge on and walking out the door away from your family, remember that there are people who owe their lives to you, people who are truly grateful for your selflessness, people who are constantly praying for you.

God Bless you all,

Dear Mark,

Thanks for your straight talk about parenting this month! I have been saying it for years. It was my biggest argument about coming from a large family. I was one of 11, and my parents let my younger siblings get away with murder…mainly because they were too tired to care. Now they realize what has happened, and most of us have moved out they have time for my little sisters (10 &12) I just hope it’s not too late.

Now a parent myself I am sometimes overwhelmed by the shear magnitude of the responsibilities of parenting. Fortunately I married a police officer that feels HE is as important in their young lives as I am. And we are done at 3…not a platoon. =)

As a parent, soon to send my eldest daughter off into the big cruel world (yes kindergarten starts next year), what are some of the warning signs of potential problem behaviors we should be looking for? How do we choose a school, and what should be the red flags? I mean we would send her to a private or parochial school if we could…but Atlanta PD is not notorious for their high pay. =) And with me staying home as a full time Mommy the money making potential there is not a whole lot.

Thanks for any thoughts in this regard

Please keep providing information. I think that you are providing valuable info to the general public and from your experiences others learn how to handle themselves when placed in certain situations

I thought that you might appreciate hearing that I do read each story that you are producing. I even have hot keyed it in my favorites. I find the stories to be thought provoking, and make me stop and think about where I am, and what I am doing. Keep up the great work, we need more people who care like you do.


I just have to remark about how wonderful I think your site is. The stories of the (every other) week are really great and actually make you stop and think. The tips are indispensable also. A friend of mine who used to be an officer informed me about what exactly I should do if I get pulled over and how I should act. I’ve only been pulled over once since then, but it seems that a little respect with most cops will go a long way. I would just like to commend you guys for putting together a great site and putting yourselves on the line to protect me, my family, my friends, their family and friends, and so on.


Dear CopTalk:

I received my copy of coptalk & have read it all the way through. I am really impressed and thrilled. I have thought for years that something like this should exist. The closest thing I have ever seen to this is when the local Houston police came out to our club house and talked about personal, apartment, an auto security. They told us about locks, doors, and security when shopping. As a result of that visit I have window locks, four inch screws in the door jam, and locks that require a key from the inside as well as the outside to unlock.
In your book I especially liked the subjects of credit cards, financial & personal information and also the information on lights around your house as well as the many aspects of alcohol and driving. I also now have & regularly use a shredder.

Your advise to reduce the opportunity for crime is very exciting. This is the first thing I have ever purchased online, & I like it a lot.
Yours is a great service. Keep up the good work!

Thanks & best regards,

I have some friends on the Mississippi Highway Patrol so I really enjoyed reading some of the stories on your site. Reminds me of some of their stories. I really admire you guys for what you do, especially at the ridiculous salaries they pay law enforcement personnel. These guys, and you too I suppose, risk their lives every day for less than I make sitting at a computer all day. Doesn’t seem right to me.

I agree with you 100% about the do nothing parents out there who let their kids do whatever the hell they want, and then wonder why they get in trouble. Maybe they ought to put the parents in jail when a kid goes awry of the law. Maybe that would get their attention.
Thanks for the link and keep up the good work!


Hello Just received your we page from a friend. It is very interesting and the tip on cleaning out the glove box was funny to me. I do keep my car clean and papers in order, but I have seen some that are not in order. I was ready your letter about the kids. I see these things on tv and read it in the paper, but it is really hard to fathom this kind of disrespect. I live in rural Nebraska and our kids have respect. Maybe it is do to the fact that some of us don’t hold back on punishment when necessary. Maybe if some parents were not so scared to spank there children when needed we could get some respect from the kids. I say spank not beat. There is a big difference. Also our school demends respect from the students, but we are small in comparison with big towns. With some work It can be a great country.

Susan, NE

Thank you so much for your concern for the teens in our country and closer communities. From driving over the last years I have said many times the lack of manners and thought for others shows in our older teens they seem to have forgotten the rules.

Nice to know about your web site and keep up the good thoughts.


I read your article about how the teens and young adults today have very little manners and won’t show any respect for anyone in authority. My wife is a school teacher and she sees this daily. You would be surprised to see how kids as young as 7,8, and 9 years old act around teachers and principals. It is quite easy to see where they get this from by observing their parents when they come to the school. Yet, as I told my wife, part of the problem is with the governmental agencies (including police) today. A good parent can be caught in a Catch-22 situation. A recent example of this was where a mother was chastising her daughter in a local Wal-Mart and the girl (13-14) spit in her face. At that instant the mother slapped the girl and someone called the police. Sure enough, the mother was hauled off. You know…If you don’t discipline the kid you are a bad parent and if you do discipline the kid, you are subject to arrest. When I was a boy, dad took the razor-strap to you if you misbehaved and all the adults said AMEN. Now…he would probably be turned in to Child Protective Services. Society can not have it both ways. I think most reasonable people understand the difference between child abuse and punishment, but I’m not so sure that the law does! Any situation or circumstance that can be “evaluated” subjectively is ripe for abuse.

What is you take on self protection, read right-to-carry? I ask this question because I know that California is somewhat more diverse than Texas and politically a little more to the left. I have four friends here that are police officers and they see this as a very positive step for our state. I believe that a majority of the rank and file police officers here support it. Several of the licensed instructors in our area are full time police officers. The only negatives we ever heard was from upper police management. As we all know, the police are very seldom around when the crime is being committed and they are 99% reactive to most situations. My wife and I have both had training and both carry. We certainly feel more secure when traveling around large urban areas now. I do agree that this is NOT for everyone. If you don’t think that you could ever shoot someone then you are by far better off without a weapon.

I enjoy reading your articles and have sent the link to my friends. Keep up the good work.

Lake Jackson, TX.

I just had to tell you how much I enjoyed your stories and comment page. Your story on respect being taught to children I especially liked. Perhaps one day the law will require parent’s of all newborn’s to attend parenting classes…..I hope I live to see that day! Thank you for a wonderful web


You have a great site, lot of good info for everyone who would just take time to read it. Sadly too many people just go through life following their noses and not paying attention to the world they live in. Keep up the great work. You guys are very under appreciated. But know there is at least one citizen out here that does realize the job you do is a thankless one and I do appreciate everyone who is out there serving and protecting.