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When we answer questions or discuss an incident, it is difficult for us to give an exact answer because all departments are different and can have different policies in place. Also, laws vary from State to State. And making it even more difficult, we usually only get limited information. Our opinion could be quite different if we had all the facts and details rather than just a few details. If there is a question regarding possible officer misconduct or policy violations, we can give our opinion but we suggest that you try to contact a high ranking person within the department in question for answers or to file a complaint. We are not lawyers and we will not give any legal advice, we are just street cops willing to give honest answers to questions you may have. Although our experience is based on California laws, we are willing to give our personal opinions based on what information you provide.


Disclaimers, Copyright and Trademark Statements:


Part of being prepared in life is being smart. Just as you can take steps to protect yourself against being victimized, there are always factors that can change the outcome of a situation regardless of what you do.

You can have the most modern and technologically advanced security system in the world protecting your home, but you can’t control fate if a 40 ton meteor flies through the atmosphere and lands on your roof destroying everything in sight for 12 blocks.

We must be smart also, and remind you that Life is a risk in itself!

There are no Guarantees in life and we are not here to give you a false sense of security. We see needless death and tragedy on a daily basis and in many of those circumstances there are simply no answers as to WHY. We are providing this information because society has dictated a dangerous level of unawareness among all of us. The proof is on the evening news and in every morning paper.

CopTalk utilizes true stories to demonstrate many serious points. We feel that by utilizing these stories we could better “bring home” the point to the general public. There are many books out there that are too technical and confusing.

CopTalk was written differently “BOLDLY OFF THE RECORD!” It’s the way people are in this world. People do not talk to each other like they are reading out of a textbook. So, due to our style of writing, some sections are more colorful than others are. Some chapters could be very emotional for some. If we offend you or question your beliefs, We apologize. But all we can ask is that you at least take the time to reflect on what we say and hopefully you can make use of it in some way or another.

Yes, as you read CopTalk you will begin to realize that people can learn from the mistakes that others have made. We KNOW that if you take the time to read our “message” and make some simple changes in your life:


However Netcops P.S.I. / Coptalk.info and it’s associates, are not held personally and legally responsible for damages, injuries, or deaths, that could occur in similar or the same examples as pointed out or described within “CopTalk… What you don’t know will SHOCK you!” Those being described as occurring from Thefts, Criminal Activity, Fires, Medical Emergencies, Vehicle Accidents, Industrial Accidents, Acts of God, or Natural Disasters.

CopTalk is a guide and a guide only. Our information is presented to you with the intent on assisting you become more prepared for the unexpected and we express no guarantee in the end results of any given situation because by the hand of God, we can’t. No one can. And with that in mind,

We sincerely wish you a safe and happy life, and a successful learning adventure as you travel through “CopTalk”.

God bless and stay safe always!

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