About our Book

Because what you don’t know will SHOCK you!!.

Please read the introduction below and then follow the links to find out more! What you are about to read, WILL greatly enhance the safety of yourself, your family, your friends, and your property. You will read this and wonder if this is too good to be true. It is too good to be true, but that was our intent. To make this the most important and beneficial information that you’ve stumbled across in a long time.

*Please, take a moment to print this out. There is a considerable amount of text enclosed. If the

Safety of your Life, Family, and Property are a priority to you, do yourself a favor and read this.

There are No hidden agenda’s, No gimmicks, and No obligations.Read this at your Leisure. Alone, or with you’re family. At your desk, Over coffee in the morning, or even in the bathroom. I don’t care where, but print this out and read it!

Here’s why:

YOU the PUBLIC, entrust my brother and I to wear a belt with a gun, a bullet-resistant vest, and a badge. You ask us to drive around all day in a patrol car with pretty red and blue lights, to hopefully protect you and your family, your pets, your car, and your property from being victimized. Does it work? It’s a nice concept, but you tell me. Chances are you’ve already been a victim of crime.

We came up with a different concept. One to put you in control. One to make you aware. One that will “Make your life Code-4!” Remember these 2 very important words. “Code-4”.

“Code-4” is a Police code that we use on the radio to tell the dispatcher that we have the situation under control, and that no further assistance is necessary.

We often rush to assist other officers in potentially dangerous situations. While responding to the other officer’s location, we hear the officer advise dispatch that they are “Code-4.” No further assistance needed because they have the situation under control. I don’t notice it anymore after all these years, but when I hear another cop advise “Code-4” my brain tells my body it’s OK to relax. I wouldn’t call it a sigh of relief exactly, but I definitely get the feeling that “Everything’s cool for now”, and my sense of urgency disappears until the next call comes in. Mark and I are both experienced street officers. Day in and day out we see senseless tragedy that could have been avoided. Property loss, that could have been avoided. Innocent people being victimized who didn’t need to be victimized. Criminals bouncing through the criminal justice system, like it was a revolving door.

Do we need more cops on the street nation wide? Of course we do. Are we sick of innocent persons being victimized by crime? Of course we are. Does the Rehabilitation and Court System work effectively? Of course not or you wouldn’t be reading this now! We wrote “CopTalk” because we want you to know that “Code-4 feeling”. We want you to relax. We want your sense of urgency to diminish. We want your life to be “Code-4.” We’re going to do that with “Cop-Talk.” We’re going to speak bluntly “Off the Record”. We are going to tell you things that can only be seen from behind the gold badge. Many of the experiences we share with you will make you LAUGH. We do! You can’t help but laugh at the simple mistakes people make, time after time again. Mistakes that most always are avoidable! Some of the experiences we share with you will make you CRY. We do! When we hold YOUR 12-month old Child’s Lifeless Body in our arms, after being pulled from YOU’RE backyard swimming pool.

Do you really know how often these preventable tragedies happen? On the freeway running through my city at 1:00am, and at speeds of over 100 mph… A 17-year old female driver loses control of Mom and Dad’s car while cutting in and out of traffic. The vehicle flips numerous times and is crushed beyond recognition. 2 juvenile passengers wearing seatbelts survived. The driver was ejected from the car and died instantly.

At 1:30am we knock on your door with tears in our eyes, and try to think of the most respectful and compassionate way of telling you that the 17-year old “Princess” in your life is dead after being ejected from her car at 100 miles per hour. You ask, “was she wearing a seat belt”, and I must answer “no.” You ask, “would she have survived if she was wearing one”, and I must answer, “the others did.”

Your daughter is Dead. The beautiful young Girl with a full life ahead of her is gone. Gone for what I ask! Cop-Talk contains advice for both Parents and Teens to prevent the growing number of roadside crosses with stuffed animals next to them that we are seeing all too often alongside our roadways.

Mark and I will give you information that can and will, change your life. We will give you hundreds of suggestions on how you can make your own life “Code-4.”

We are going to give you our insight on your relationship with the cops on the street.

What it is, and how it should be!

We will tell you what to expect in Court, whether you are a Victim, a Witness, or even on a Jury.

We’re even going to tell you how to improve your chances in Traffic Court, which will keep those insurance rates down. Did you really have to get that ticket in the first place? Your actions, demeanor, what you say, and HOW you say it, can make all the difference between a ticket and a warning.

We will tell you what the average Criminal thinks of you. How they feel about the court system and being incarcerated. We’ll also tell you what attracts THEM to YOU! Want to hear why Prison sentences, Parole, and Probation are a joke?

YOU’LL BE SHOCKED at what you don’t know. In turn we hope you take a positive role in making some badly needed changes in our system. Are you up for making some immediate changes in your life that will help us in helping you?

I tell you now as I swear by my Badge, that ONE Million Informed, Aware, and Prepared Citizens could put their street cops too much better use! They say that knowledge is power. Let’s see where your knowledge is at right now:

Can you prevent the odds of:

ATM Robberies
Home Invasion Robberies
Thefts from your Home
Thefts from your Vehicles
Credit Card Theft
Check Fraud
Freeway Violence
Child Abduction
Cat Burglaries
Rape & Sex Crimes
Open Garage Door Thefts
Strong Arm Robberies
Purse Snatches
Physical Altercations
Being Conned by Con Artist
Identity Theft

“Yes You Can!”

Do YOU know all that you should know about

Reporting Suspicious Circumstances
Neighborhood Watch Groups
Crime Prevention
Domestic Violence
Spousal Abuse
Drug/Alcohol Abuse
Child Neglect
Corporal Punishment
Restraining Orders
Arrest Warrants
Barking Dog Complaints
Nuisance Neighbors
Drug Activity on the Street
Disturbing the Peace (Noise)
Fireworks Complaints
Phone Harassment
Concealed Weapons
Cruelty to Animals
Drunk in Public (walking)
Civil Disputes

What do YOU really know about:

Being stopped by an Officer
Probable Cause
Search and Seizure
Resisting Arrest
Officer Misconduct
Internal Affairs
Your Rights / Complaint Options
Radar Tickets
D.U.I. Arrest
Traffic Court Appearances
Traffic Court Testimony
Chemical Test Requirements
Open Alcohol Containers
Driving on a Suspended License
Vehicle Searches
When we can Tow YOUR Car
Hit and Run Accidents

The Officer’s Bible…The Vehicle Code:

Why we sweat:

Not wearing Seat belts
Loud Music
Tinted Windows
No Front License Plates
Cracked Windshields
No Insurance
Bald Tires
Reckless Driving
Excessive Smoking/Polluting
California Stops
Anti-Gridlock Laws
Car Pool Violations
Parking in Fire Lanes
Parking in Handicap Zones
Quota’s, Do we have Them?
Cell Phones for Emergencies
Unsafe Passing
Road Rage
Throwing Lit Cigarettes
Expired Registration
Are YOU a Safe Driver?
How Can You Be SAFER?

Can YOU Prevent Needless Tragedies Involving:

Swimming Pools
Fire Hazards At Home
Explosions / Propane BBQ’s
Drug Overdose
Medical Emergencies
Heart Attacks
Safety Bars on Windows

Are YOU Prepared for a Major:

Earth Quake
Plane Crash
Vehicle Accidents
Rain Storm
Snow Storm
Wind Storm
Lightening Storm
Power Outage
Water Shortage

How Many Times Have You…

Left your child asleep in your car on a hot day while you shop in an air-conditioned store?

Or left your pet in the same situation?

Or locked your Keys inside your Car, along with your young Child?

Left your Car, Unlocked and Running in front of the convenience store while you ran in for coffee?

Left your Garage Door open at night?

Left your Car Unlocked parked out on the Street or even in your Driveway?

Made a delayed Report to the Cops several days or even weeks AFTER an Incident happened?

Left YOUR Home UNLOCKED at Night?


Request Extra-Patrol of your home when you leave on Vacation or even just for the weekend?

Know how Effective Neighborhood Watch Groups are?

Have the SERIAL and MODEL Numbers of YOUR Property Recordedin a Safe Place if at all?

Know how Valuable and Effective Alarm Systems can be?

Report Suspicious Activity and Subjects in YOUR Neighborhood?

Do You and Your Children know how the 911 System works?

How About The Challenge of SAFELY Raising YOUR Children in Today’s Society:

Today’s Teens
Today’s Parents
Runaway Juveniles
Missing Juveniles
Teen Drinking Parties
Parents Liability
False I.D’s
Possession of Alcohol
Driving Privileges
Juvenile Court Proceedings
Juvenile Diversion
Juvenile Hall

Just for the heck of it, grab a RED, YELLOW, and GREEN high lighter pen or Marker. Read through the above list, and mark in GREEN the Topics that you believe you are prepared for, or have complete knowledge of. Mark in RED the topics that you believe are of Life Threatening Importance to you. Mark in YELLOW all the remaining topics that you believe could be pertinent to you or your family. If the majority of your list has GREEN marks, We are proud of you. You don’t need us! (I have a feeling if that’s the case you’re already a Police Officer, Fire Fighter, or Paramedic.)

The RED and YELLOW remaining marks will be your deciding factor in whether or not our information can be of Value to you.

Just one Topic covered in the Red Zone can Save a Life.

Just one Topic covered in the Yellow Zone can save you Hundred’s of dollars in Property Loss.

We will share with you, a combined 33 years of Police, Fire, and Paramedic Experience, that can and will have a Positive Effect on your life. We are not going to give you testimonials on why you should choose to read our information. All you have to do is pick up the Newspaper everyday and read it. The same stuff keeps happening day after day, night after night.

Pick a Headline in Today’s paper. Theft, Assault, Robbery, Kidnapping, Shooting, Murder, Stabbing, Car Accident, Heart Attack, Car Jacking, Drunk Driver runs over child crossing street, Fire in an Apartment Complex due to a neighbor smoking in bed. Fire Storm kills 33, Flood Waters Kill 16, Hundreds homeless because of Hurricanes, a child accidentally shoots his younger brother with loaded gun. All you need to do is ask yourself one Question. “Could This Happen To Me?” With Shocking regret, Mark, Myself, and the entire Staff at NetCops, know all too well that it does happen to you. We want to help you Prevent the Preventable. Avoid the Avoidable. We know from our daily work that Life is Short enough as it is. Why make it any shorter. Why suffer or be subjected to senseless Loss of Life? Why go through the financial burden of avoidable Property Loss? Our Intent is to point out things to you that can be of benefit to you towards living a Long and Happy Life.

Isn’t that what Public Safety is all about? That’s what NetCops-PSI is all about, “Public Safety Information” that you need to know! That you have a right to know!

You Have a Right!

To know what you can do better.
To know what happens, or more importantly, what doesn’t happen behind Courtroom doors.
To know how we (You and us) can put the odds back in our favor.
To know what the average Criminal thinks of you.
To know what the average Cop on the street thinks of you.
To know why the Cop who responded to your report doesn’t seem to be overly concerned about someone stealing your car after you left it running in front of a 7-11 store while you ran in for a cup of coffee. (Your cell phone, wallet, and laptop computer were on the seat as well? Now that’s a real shame!)