Who we are?

Jim Lambert

My name is Jim. I am a Deputy Sheriff in the East Bay Area near San Francisco. I am the one who came up with the crazy idea to write CopTalk, and then dragged my unsuspecting brother Mark, and partner Brent, into a project that is now almost 5 years old. We wrote the book, and started our website, because of something the 3 of us say all the time at the scene of tragedy or loss. Why did this have to happen? Many times it did not need to happen and we felt the general public had a right to know what they could do better to protect themselves. What makes me an expert to be able to tell people how to protect themselves against being victimized? Absolutely nothing! I am not an expert and I do not claim to be. But on the other hand, I’ve responded to enough of your calls for help to clearly see, most people take their security for granted and then are shocked when something goes wrong.

We simply wrote a book suggesting ways for you to do things – better. I am 46 years old and have been working the streets for almost 27 years. A couple years on the back of a fire truck, 8 years as a paramedic assistant, and 17 years as a street cop. I have worked in various areas ranging from violent crime zones to sleepy bedroom communities. I’ve seen everything from juvenile crimes and domestic violence to flat out cold-blooded murder. I worked 6 years as a K-9 handler, 2 years on a uniformed swat team, and I’ve even done my time working behind bars in our jail system. The rest of all that time has been spent on the streets, working patrol, responding to your calls for help. Most recently I have been assigned to my departments Marine Patrol and Air Support Unit.

Two days a week I patrol the 1000 miles of waterways in our county, and 2 days a week I fly as a flight officer aboard our patrol helicopter. I’m not here to tell war stories about what I’ve done. I wouldn’t be a good cop if I said I’ve seen and done it all. There is always something shocking or unexpected to remind us we haven’t seen or done it all. Lets just say this, I’ve seen a lot in 27 years of public service. Many of these experiences I’ve been involved with CAN help you avoid experiencing the pain, loss, and often, tragic endings thousands of others have already endured. Buy CopTalk. I’m thinking you might find it money well spent. Stay safe JL

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Mark Lambert

My brother Mark had been a cop for 12 yrs when we first wrote our book. Between the two of us, we had a lot of first hand experience at seeing how people became victims, and how a lot of the situations could have been avoided. Mark works in an active city with a wide variety of calls for police assistance. For years, he worked the high crime/drug sales areas in his city with the assistance of his K-9 partner, a 120 lb Rottweiler battering ram named Bolo. Bolo had the nose of a bloodhound and loved to search for bad guys. Bolo also loved police chases, howling along with the siren the whole chase.

Mark got interested in Police work by listening to the stories I told of the calls that I responded to. Mark became a reserve officer and patrolled the streets where he now works, only then he didn’t get paid for it. He excelled as a reserve officer for over 2 years and was persuaded by his department to become a full time sworn officer. Mark graduated from the police academy and has been working with the same department for the past 20 plus years. His professionalism and dedication to duty is noteworthy, and he is highly respected by many. (Even the bad guys respect him!) Mark obtained a motor position in the traffic unit after 8 years of working K-9 and since the department wouldn’t let Bolo ride in a sidecar wearing goggles and a bandana, Bolo got to retire.

Shortly after retirement, Bolo had to be put to rest due to cancer and Mark continued to work as a motorcycle officer in the traffic unit. Mark enjoyed working the commute hours and he got called out to investigate major auto accidents or traffic related fatalities. Mark has also worked detectives and currently works in the juvenile division investigating juvenile crimes. He works closely with the two junior high schools in his city and Mark has created programs to try and help juveniles from developing a criminal record. The city where Mark works is a very active city with a wide variety of crimes. By working in such an active city, Mark brings to us the equivalent of having 30 years experience instead of 20. His insight to violent crimes involving weapons, drugs and gangs is invaluable. Off duty, Mark is a proud parent to two beautiful daughters and has been married longer than I’ve been a cop. Mark’s contributions in CopTalk regarding juvenile crime and parenting in today’s society come from not just being a cop, but also as an everyday parent.

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Brent Burzycki

Brent was a cadet at my old department when I met him 14 years ago. I watched him progress through the ranks not just by expanding his knowledge, but by devoting thousands of hours for the good of the department. He is impressive with his relentless desire to not only do something well, but to do it the best! Brent was born in New York and ended up in California. He developed an interest in law enforcement and became a cadet while in high school. Over the next few years, I watched this young kid become a Reserve Officer who worked the streets right alongside of us in full uniform. (Only we were paid, and he wasn’t.).

Brent went on to be the youngest “Fleet services Manager” I’ve ever heard of in a city. He was responsible for managing a $3.5 million dollar budget that kept our city’s vehicles rolling. Aside from being an active reserve police officer, Brent has been active in our Search and Rescue program for 6 years and is an Advanced Medical First Responder. Brent developed an interest in computers, and is the person responsible for the web-page you are now browsing. Now he is general manager for one of the largest emergency equipment suppliers in the the California and Nevada territories. Brent is in charge of our computer operations, product design and manufacturing, and is a great 3rd vote when Mark and I don’t agree on something (which is often)!

Guys like Brent are few and far between, and we are fortunate to have him on our staff.

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