What we are all about?

CopTalk is information provided to you, consisting of every imaginable question you could have regarding police, fire, and medical emergencies that could arise in your life. It will stimulate your focus in taking steps of prevention to bypass and avoid senseless and needless loss in your life, whether it be of person or property.It is a text of information that you can read at your leisure.

Use it yourself, or with your family. As a parent or as a teen, there are perspectives here for both.CopTalk is your link of communication with the people behind the badge. After you read CopTalk, we will welcome your email responses, and will answer any questions that may surface in your life. If we don’t have the answers, more than likely we know where to research the answers for you. CopTalk is like putting you through your own police or fire academy in the hopes of making you more aware and prepared for life’s unexpected emergencies. Better yet, it shows you how to avoid most of them.CopTalk is for everyone.

There is no targeted group. Every person in the world is subjected to being victimized. Young, old, rich, poor,famous, not so famous, homeowners, the homeless, the healthy, the sick, married, divorced. We are all potential victims IF WE ALLOW OURSELVES TO BE!CopTalk will help you prepare against being criminally victimized. It will help you prepare against fire, floods, earthquake, natural-disasters, all the way down to the minor inconvenience of a power outage!We are employed in the State of California. The first hand experiences that we share with you are based on California law. Laws differ from state to state, however our directive is based more towards common sense which we hope to be universal.

There are no deadlines, no gimmicks, and no time requirements. Read the introduction at your leisure, read it several times. If you decide this to be of value to you, we will be here when you are ready. Our staff works different hours throughout the day and evening, however all phone calls e-mails and written correspondence will be answered promptly.