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Story of the week….

This week’s story of the every other week comes straight from watching the news.

Nearby where I work, a 15-year old girl is missing for several days and then is found dead along a roadside.

An unfamiliar adult in broad daylight grabs another young girl in broad daylight at a mini mall, but she manages to free herself and escape abduction.

A young girl in the same neighborhood reports being followed by a subject in a car who followed her and pulled alongside her several times until she began to run and summoned help from a gardener who was working nearby.

A suspect is arrested down in southern California after stabbing a woman, and then confesses to killing a young boy who had been reported missing in Northern California.

A man enters a woman’s car, hides in the rear seat, and upon her return he forces her to drive to a rural area where he brutally rapes her.

I turned off the news and switched to watching reruns of Seinfeld after becoming discouraged. I don’t know why, but every year about this time we are shocked by hearing about some really hideous crimes that take place. It seems the pre-holiday season can really bring out the worst in some people.

It reminds me of the reason why we wrote “CopTalk” in the first place, and why we started this webpage. People have to be made aware of two things.

The first being, knowing what they can do to help themselves in regards to personal safety.
The second being, understanding what does and doesn’t happen to the predators in society who thrive on innocent victims, both adult and children alike.

I commend the young lady at the mini mall who recognized that she was in potentially “serious trouble” and ran for help. The young lady who was walking along the street also recognized a “potentially serious situation” and ran to an adult working near-by for assistance.

Very accurate descriptions of the vehicles used in these incidents were given to police, and with a little luck and help from observant neighbors we might get lucky. All it takes is one neighbor to view a vehicle that looks out of place in the neighborhood, who in turn calls the police.

The information most helpful to us is the following: