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Pittsburg officers, family recall daring fire rescue of young girl


By Robert Salonga
Contra Costa Times

Posted: 03/29/2009 02:49:59 PM PDT

PITTSBURG — As smoke overtook the rear bedroom, Officer Mark Mays remembers that he had his arms through a window opening, hoisting a young girl who had been cornered by the fast-moving fire.

The girl was trying to do her part, supporting herself on the post of a bunk bed. Officer Ryan Wilkie was using his baton to shatter the window to help free the child.

Mays says what happened after that is fuzzy to him. He just knows that they got the girl out of the burning house.

"All I remember was her going over my head," he recalled.

Seconds later, the room exploded into flames.



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Tips to avoid injury due to Brandishing

Tips to avoid injury due to Brandishing:

· First, NEVER brandish someone with a weapon, whether out of anger, rage, etc., unless it is in justifiable self-defense (which will be covered in another topic)

· If someone brandishes a weapon at you, whether out of anger, intimidation, or even during a robbery attempt, think about the consequences. A weapon is a weapon. Usually the person brandishing a weapon will back off or leave if not confronted. If the person is confronted, the weapon is already there and will probably be used.

· Brandishing occur frequently during robberies. From a Car-jacking to a Bank robbery, if a weapon is displayed, it won’t take much for it to be used. Just try to be a good witness and relay the information to police. DON’T BE A HERO!

· Don’t make the wrong decision of trying to take a weapon away from someone else. Chances are it will result in the weapon being used against you. Innocent children have been shot because of 2 adults wrestling over a gun, and the gun gets fired. I know you’ve seen that one in the movies. Unfortunately it’s an all too real “deadly mistake”.

· Remember that brandishing is an arrestable offense! If it does happen to you, report it to the police and try to provide as detailed description of the weapon as possible.

· Was it a knife?

· What color was the handle?

· How long was the blade?

· Sharp on both blade ends like a switchblade or serrated (jagged) on one side like a survival knife?

· Was there a noticeable design on the handle?

· Which hand was the Suspect holding the knife with?

· Was it a Handgun?

· What color was the gun barrel? Blued steel, Nickel-Plated, Chrome?

· Was it a Revolver or a Semi-Automatic Pistol? Do you know the difference?

· First thing to remember. No matter HOW MUCH your car is worth, or HOW NICE your car is, is it really worth your life? I can’t think of a car made that is worth more than a human life. But you read about it everyday. Man killed during car jacking, Woman hurt during car jacking attempt, Woman’s children taken along with car during robbery……….

· Most of the time, a carjacker just wants a quick escape to get away from a crime he’s already committed. Your car will turn up a day or two later, probably undamaged. Most of the time, a carjacker does not want the extra liability of having you, or child involved. Most know that by taking you or your children in the commission of a carjacking, now makes the crime a kidnapping. A crime with much more harsh and severe consequences in Court. In fact most carjacking suspects would rather just take your car and have nothing to do with you.

· Most will not hurt you unless they encounter a struggle or resistance from you. In some cases, people do get hurt for no reason but those are rare if the victim just gives up their car willingly.

· Is it worth the risk of injury, or even death, to protect a material item? If someone steals your car to strip or sell it, they are not going to steal it with you in it. You are a witness. They will steal it when no one is around. That is not a car jacking. That is vehicle theft.

Bail – Tips


· So, if the crime allows for bail to be posted, you can be released on a specified bail amount.

· If you cannot afford the bail amount, using a Bail Bondsman is an option but you’ll lose the 10% of the bail amount for the bondman’s services. Don’t show in court and you’re in serious…..

· If you get arrested for more than one crime, bail amounts for each crime can be “stacked” (added together) making it almost impossible to come up with the amount.

· Parents. We all love our children, but give this some serious thought. You have a 25-year-old son who can’t keep a job, can’t stay off drugs, and is a repeat criminal offender. Your intentions are good in wanting to put up your house as collateral for your son’s release on bail. But look at the track record your son has displayed. Consider the consequences you’ll be paying for your son’s mistake, when he doesn’t show up for court. The key word here is your son’s mistake, not yours.

· If you fail to show for court on any matter, the Judge may issue an arrest warrant. The warrant can be cite-releasable, can post a bail amount, or if the Judge wants to see you bad enough the warrant can be a “No-Bail” warrant. Believe us when we tell you that it’s not worth letting things get this far.