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Tips to Avoid Carjackings…….


· ALWAYS leave space between your car and the car in front of you at a stop sign, stop light, etc. This leaves you room enough for an escape to turn and accelerate out of a dangerous situation if possible.

· Always watch for suspicious persons or activity around you. People loitering near stop signs, intersections, etc. People getting out of cars next to you or behind you.

Keep your doors locked. While a locked door wont keep everyone out; it could give you the split-second advantage you may need to escape.

· If you suspect suspicious activity, drive through a stop sign or stop light (if safe to do so) to get away. Police would rather have you explain why you drove through the red light rather than have you be the victim of a robbery or car jacking

· Don’t stop for people (especially undesirable looking people) who try to “flag you down”. If you don’t know them, you’re taking a risky chance by stopping.

· Remember that most carjackers want only your car, not you. A car can be replaced, you can not. Your chances of being hurt or taken hostage greatly increase with your resistance.

· If you are confronted by a carjacker, especially with a weapon, comply with his demands. Most will order you out of the car. When they leave, call the police as soon as possible, and give a detailed description of your car, the carjacker, and if a weapon was involved. The most important thing is for you to remain safe. A car is not worth getting hurt over.

· If you have a child in the car, or in a car seat in the back, chances are a carjacker does not even know that a child is there. Inform the thief that you have a child in the car, and you are going to take the child out and give him the car. Most do not want the extra person in the car with them, but all situations are different.

Do not make any move that can be mistaken by the suspect as aggressive or resistant. If you plan on making any moves (getting out, getting a child, etc.) let the suspect know beforehand to avoid any surprises.

· Most injuries or shootings involve some type of resistance the carjacker encounters. They will shoot you rather than fight you. That is why it is important to comply with demands, especially from an armed suspect. Remember most of the time the car is abandoned shortly after. The thief’s know that police everywhere will be looking for the car as soon as you get to a phone. (Besides most of us have insurance, right?)

· If you do become the victim of a carjacking, someone points a gun at you at a stop sign, etc, and orders you out of the car, use common sense. Some low-life dirtbag may shoot at you or your car if you try to speed away. Some innocent victims have been injured or even killed by trying to get away. Every situation is different and the risk of injury greatly increases with resistance, especially if weapons are involved.