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Kitchen Fire–Video Clip–A Reminder for all….

Note from the Internet:

I was Executive Director of the Institute for Burn Medicine for San Diego and Imperial Counties when we lived in California .  Besides raising the money to establish a Burn Treatment Center at the University Hospital there, I conducted extensive public education campaigns in Burn Prevention.

A friend recently sent me the attached short video – and like an old  fire horse, I heard the bell ring and am rushing to send this excellent prevention piece to each of you.  It is well worth watching!  And it could save your life. 

This is very stunning – please read first and then watch the very short clip. 

I never realized that a wet dishcloth can be a one size fits all lid to cover a fire in a pan! 

This is a dramatic video (30-second, very short) about how to deal with a common kitchen fire …..oil in a frying pan.  Read the following  introduction, then watch the show.  It’s a real eye opener!
At the Fire Fighting Training school they would demonstrate this with a deep fat fryer set on the fire field.  An instructor would don a fire suit and using an 8 oz cup at the end of a 10-foot pole to toss water onto the grease fire. The results got the attention of the students.  The water, being heavier  than oil, sinks to the bottom where it instantly becomes superheated.

The explosive force of the steam blows the burning oil up and out.  On the  open field, it became a thirty foot high fireball that resembled a nuclear  blast. Inside the confines of a kitchen, the fire ball hits the ceiling and fills the entire room.  Also, do not throw sugar or flour on a grease fire. One cup of either creates the explosive force of two sticks of dynamite. 

This is a powerful message—-watch the video and don’t forget what you see.

Download the Video .wmv

Richmond, CA – Preschool Outfits Students With Tracking Devices

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RICHMOND, Calif. — The Contra Costa County School District began introducing a new high tech tracking system for preschool students Tuesday that alert teachers when their students leave campus.

Embedded in what looks like a tiny basketball jersey that each student will wear when at school is a radio frequency tag that also uses Wi-Fi. The tag provides a signal to sensors planted throughout the school.

The information from those sensors is displayed in a map of the school, thereby allowing teachers and administrators to know exactly

Parents will digitally sign in and sign out a child, saving teachers from hand filing attendance records required by the state.

“Now, when we feed the children lunch we just have to push a button and it’s done,” said teacher Simone Beauford. “We don’t have to check the papers, check the papers, check the papers…”

Sung Kim of the county’s employment and human services department said 3,000 man hours could eventually be saved with this $50,000 system, which was paid for by a federal grant.

“Within a year we could completely pay off this system from the savings we have with the staffing,” said Kim. “We are the first child care center that is implementing with this technology, but it is already proven technology.”