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Next show will be next week…

Sorry to all that are tuning in for a show this week but we will need to take off one more week and restart shows next week…

I am going to blame Mark – he will then blame me and then Jim will blame both of us…

Schedules in law enforcement are what you can call flexible, as in the bad guys like to flex them and we all have to just miss things planned in our off duty lives…

We will see you next week…. Honest!

Thanks for listening and thanks to all that have purchased the book since we dropped the price – it will stay there for a few more weeks so grab your copy while its there…

We appreciate the support and live on your questions so submit them and we will get you answers.

Bad decision award of the week goes to this guy


This would be considered a bad life choice…

New Fleet of Ford Police Vehicles Released

Massive updates to the vehicles for Law Enforcement only applications

Click to see their website

Episode #25 – CopTalk Podcast

Law Enforcement Technology over the years – The changes we have all seen.
In the beginning…….
Cars to Dedicated Police Equipment
In Car Communications
Computers / MDT
Lighting and Emergency Equipment
Duty Gear


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