Ask a Cop? Busted….


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Sent: Tuesday, September 22, 2009 3:32 PM
Subject: Job

I like every kid have grown up wanting to be a cop. I currently am looking into going into the USAF reserve as an mp. I picked up a misdemeanor Drug Paraphernalia charge and want to know if it will be impossible for me to get a job in law enforcement after i graduate?

Our Reply:

While some misdemeanor charges could affect trying to gain employment as a police officer, a paraphernalia charge shouldn’t. As long as you disclose it during the testing process and with the polygraph examiner you should be fine. Some departments could look negatively on it but the majority of departments are looking for no recent incidents and honesty. So as long as it’s in the past and you are honest about it, it shouldn’t get in your way of becoming a police officer.    



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