ASK A COP? – Drug Dealers


“hey how do you get drug dealers stop using the electric outlet out side .where you work.with out any trouble.”


That’s a new one for me.

You didn’t mention what the drug dealers are plugging into the outlet, cell phone chargers? Extension cords to their house? 

If they are stealing electricity for their house then it’s a crime. If they are loitering in front of a business, then call the police department and have them moved on.

If you have no loitering / trespassing signs posted and they keep coming back, they can be cited for trespassing once they have been warned by the police or store owner. 

As for the outlet, see about having it disconnected or have the owner / property manager put some kind of locking device over the outlet so only store employees have access. 

I have not run across that problem before so let us know what happens.  



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