Ask a Cop?: Humor and the traffic stop?


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Sent: Friday, February 19, 2010 9:49 PM
Subject: Speeding Ticket

I was pulled over for speeding. The cop commented that I am setting a bad example as a Christian because my license plate read "Christians aren’t perfect just forgiven by a God who is" -he proceeded in questioning my faith and Christianity. Is that ok to Judge, belittle, or put me down.


If he was just trying to be humorous in the beginning, that’s one thing. People are often nervous or angry about being pulled over and some officers (including myself) make jokes or comments at times to ease the tension or fear. Usually people appreciate a cop with a sense of humor. But if he was clearly questioning your faith and taking it too far in your opinion, then no, it is not right. If you feel strongly that the officer went too far, you can call the department and ask to speak to a supervisor to discuss the incident or you can file a formal complaint at the police department.   




  1. Coptalk,

    Beings I work at a police station all night long, I happen to know that most police officier’s aren’t going to be offensive! They are as you say just trying to have a little humour to lighten the load so to speak. But as you say they can make a complaint. I think the person took it too seriously! God Bless! Mona


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