Ask a Cop?: Police Procedure for a speeding violation


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Sent: Friday, October 16, 2009 7:54 PM
Subject: Police Procedure for a speeding violation

Hello, today I got pulled over for going 79 in a 65. He came up to me and asked for my license, went back to his car and then came back with a ticket. Therefore, my question is are the police allowed to give you a ticket without asking for your registration or insurance; and is that considered improper or illegal police procedure?

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Normally a police officer will ask for registration and insurance because it is an additional violation if the driver does not have them in the car. If the car was registered to you, the police officer probably saw that on his computer and saw that the registration was current so he probably wasn’t worried about it. Yes, an officer can give you a speeding ticket without asking for registration or insurance and it is not illegal police procedure. Not having registration or insurance proof in the car is just a mechanical violation that can be signed off so he was probably more concerned with citing you for what causes many injuries and deaths on the roadways, speed. I always ask for proof of insurance and cite the driver if they are uninsured, too many people are driving around uninsured nowadays. But cops have discretion on their traffic stops as to what they may or may not cite drivers for.

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