Business Security Tips


Business Security Tips:

· Follow the same tips for crime prevention as listed in security for your home. (Alarms, Lighting, Locks etc.) A cheap lock is cheap security.

· Hire employee’s who are trustworthy and respectable. Background checks are a valuable tool! Many thefts from businesses come from “inside jobs!” Know your employees!

· Hire security patrols that will check your business several times a night. If your business is open 24 hours, a security guard CAN detour crime, depending on the security service, and on the individual security guard.

· Grocery stores and drugstores that leave plants and merchandise out all night? You may as well put a sign up that says, “take me”. If you don’t have someone watching it or if you don’t have it locked up, don’t count on it being there in the morning.

· Violence in the workplace is an ever-increasing problem that often ends in deadly tragedy. Disgruntled employee’s, ex-employees, or estranged relatives connected in a web of domestic violence? You had better take these possibilities seriously! Contact your local police department for further information or awareness training that may be offered to your business!

· Make sure that you are listed with your local police agency in their “commercial index”. All too often we respond in the middle of the night for an alarm, break in, or fire, with no listing of a company representative to contact for an emergency response. You can provide commercial index information over the phone. Please take a minute to do it!

· Make sure that roof access vents are locked! Many burglars consider this an easy way in and we sure as heck can’t see them from a patrol car! Further information regarding alarm systems is listed under the chapter addressing alarms.

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