Donate To Trust Funds For Fallen Oakland Officers



Trust funds established thus far are as follows:

Persons wishing to express contributions for the trust funds of fallen officers may do so by two methods:

1. Individual Checks made out to families and mailed to: c/o OPOA Attn: Rennee Hassna 555 5th Street Oakland Ca, 94607

Make checks out to the following: “Dunakin Children’s Family Trust” “Romans Children’s Family Trust” “Sakai Family Trust”

2. Wire transfers directly to Merrill Lynch Accounts… “Dunakin Children’s Family Trust” a/c #204-04065 “Romans Children’s Family Trust” a/c #204-04066 “Sakai Family Trust” a/c #204-04064

The California Transplant Donor Network Wednesday issued the following statement on the donation by Officer John Hege who was recently killed in the line of duty:

“Our hearts go out to the family of Officer John Hege, who gave his life to protect our community. Officer Hege was registered on the Donate Life California Organ & Tissue Registry, which his family also supports. He chose in death as he did in life to help those in need. His organ donations saved the lives of four Californians, and his tissue donation will enhance the lives of as many as 50 others. We know those who are receiving his gifts thank him and his family with gratitude and a shared sense of loss at his passing.

“Officer Hege’s untimely death, while tragic and the extraordinary support of his family also provide an opportunity to inspire others to commit to becoming donors by registering at Donate Life California All of us at the California Transplant Donor Network thank Officer Hege for these generous gifts, and on behalf of the more than 21,000 Californians who desperately wait for the gift of life from those like Officer Hege. Such donors recognize that donation can save lives and bring hope to family members


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