Episode #2 – CopTalk Podcast


Reader / Listener Questions

Question #1 – Truck stolen while ocupants were sleeping fron IFO home. Vehicle was locked – Not Alarmed – Construction tools on board – Truck was used for company.
  • What should we do?
  • Should we be worried they will come back for more? Like the house
  • Keys in car?
  • Reg. in Car?
  • Garage Door Openers? – Registration
Question #2 – i just got a ticket the other day and the police officer wrote me a ticket for 5 over but he wrote on the ticket i was driving a 86 ford. but i was really driving a 99 cadillac escalade will this help me beat the ticket in court?
Question #3 – What guidelines would you suggest for calling the police?  I once got a “smart” response from a dispatcher because I waited 20 minutes to report something I thought “looked” suspicious.  I gave a completely thorough description of the man and his bike, but not timely evidently… but it made me think, “How does Jo(Anne) Public know when and when not to call the police?”
  • When in doubt – Call it in
  • Dispatch numbers – go direct
Question #4 – I would like to know as a civilian, what are my rights as a witness to a bar fight? Do I have to give the police my statement? Do I have to give them my social security #? What if I am harrassed by them?

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