Freeway Violence & Road Rage


Freeway Violence & Road Rage:

· Control your temper. The angrier you get, the more of a chance of a confrontation. Go ahead and say what you want inside your vehicle, but don’t flip off or confront the other driver. Don’t get into a stare-down or any type of confrontation. Chances are, if you ignore the other driver, they will just pass you by.

· If someone gets behind you, starts flashing lights or tailgating you, pull over to the next lane when possible and let them go by. Don’t get into a stare down or flip off confrontation. Let them go by to get on someone else’s nerves. Chances are, if you let them go by, you’ll forget about them in moments. If you get in a confrontation, it will bug you and have the opportunity to escalate into more if the situation persist.

· Always Remember: Don’t do something out of anger that you will regret later. It’s just not worth the risk nowadays.

· If by chance someone does start following you, whether from a vehicle incident or any type of incident, DON’T drive home. Drive to the nearest Police station. If you don’t know where a police station is, pull into a gas station, store, anywhere there is alot of people around. Usually, the other person will leave because they don’t want to be identified. If they don’t leave, yell for someone or the clerks to call for the police.

· I still get angry if someone tailgates me, especially if I see someone tailgating my wife. It’s human nature to have pride or to defend our families or ourselves. But it’s when pride overrides common sense when we get into trouble. It’s gotten to be a violent world at times and it’s not worth the risk to show our anger over minor traffic altercations. Take a deep breath, pull over, let the idiot go by even if he’s flipping you off. Then you can laugh a few miles up the road when you see him pulled along the side of the road with a police vehicle with flashing red and blue lights behind him. Revenge can be sweet at times.


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