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I was cruising through the local news sources for interesting stories, and stumbled across this one. This guy deserves a medal if you ask me!

The suspect – wanted for 5 robberies in the Stanislaus area, will probably think twice about going into a Quik Stop, but hopefully if the courts do their jobs the guy won’t be out on the streets for awhile.

In this case, the good guy wins, and the bad guy loses – but I’ve seen news clips on TV that pretty much horrified me when they’ve gone the other way.

An elderly clerk hands over the money and the bad guy pulls a gun out of his waistband and shoots the passive clerk anyways in nothing less than cold blooded murder.

Cold blooded murder.

Hmmm, that’s a term people said the State of California was guilty of when they executed Tookie Williams last week. You remember him, the founder of the Crips, which just happens to be one of the deadliest gangs on the streets.

But wait, wasn’t Tookie executed for killing 4 innocent people at some markets and stores while he was doing some BS robberies where he only got a few bucks?

You kill 4 or 5 people in cold blood,
Start a violent gang in LA,
Live a life of crime causing nothing but terror and death to innocent people, but when you get sentenced to death, and 25 years later when the time comes for the State to give you a shot and put you to sleep forever…

Everyone jumps up on the bandwagon and starts shouting –
“But he’s written children’s books against gangs and violence”….
He’s a nice guy now,
Let him move in next door and date my daughter…..
He’s redeemed…

It’s a crime to execute someone…Really?
Maybe someone ought to ask the victims who were murdered what a crime is? Oh wait, we can’t, they were killed and aren’t here anymore.
Maybe someone ought to talk to the family of the victims.

Ask them what it’s like to sit at the table on Christmas Day and not have their loved ones with them, because someone like Tookie killed them for nothing…

We used to execute people with electricity.
I always wondered what the criminal was thinking about knowing that in a minute or 2, thousands of volts of electricity would be passing through his body ending his life.

But now, we simply give a shot and the criminal just peacefully drifts off to sleep.
Kind of like putting your pet down at the vet when they get to old to live.

I see two crimes here on the part of the State, and cold blooded murder isn’t one of them.

We allow the process to take 25 years.

To the murdering losers who take someone’s life in a second, all that is, is 25 years of trying to find a way out of it, tying the courts up with frivolous appeals and motions.
Chances are if Tookie was on the streets he never would have made it 25 years living the life he did.

25 years!

No one remembers the callousness of what he did back then.
Half the people protesting outside the gates of San Quentin didn’t even know who he was or what he did. They don’t think its right that we put a person to death. But what do they think about a person putting a person to death?

Then when we do execute someone, it’s by lethal injection.
A “cocktail” I do believe the news called it.
There’s no horror in being put to sleep…
It’s peaceful, it’s painless, it’s humane, it’s politically correct.
But it’s also not a deterrent against squat.

When someone is thinking about pulling the trigger and taking someone’s life, they also ought to be thinking about what it would be like to fry within 5 years of being convicted.

They ought to be thinking about the terror the last 60 seconds of their lives would hold before being executed, for the terror they are about to inflict on their victims.
They ought to be thinking about – consequence.

But what the heck, I’m not the president.
All I can do is chase them down and lock them up.
(After they’ve killed one of your family members)

But what I’d like to know is, how many of those protesters know the pain of having a family member murdered…. Another thing I’d like to know,
If you add up the number of murder victims that were killed by crips,
should we thank Tookie for all of them as well?
Oh that’s right, we can’t. Tookie has left the building!

Here’s that news clip about the store clerk.
Cudo’s to Mr. Petrossi!
Thanks for stepping up to the plate and taking a big swing!

Merry Christmas America, and be safe out there…

Jim Lambert
Netcops PSI


Store Manager Makes Life Miserable for Would-Be Robber
Written for the web by C. Johnson, Internet News Producer

A Modesto convenience store manager took matters into his own hands during an attempted robbery, not only forcing the would-be robber out the door but helping police catch him.

On November 21 at about 10:30 in the evening, Edward Petrossi was working alone at the Quik Stop store on La Loma Avenue. A man came in, picked up some beer and waited by the counter while the other customers left. The man then pulled a knife on Petrossi.

Unbeknownst to the robber, Petrossi is an expert in martial arts. He assumed a “ready” stance, then grabbed a pair of scissors and box cutter from under the counter and told the man to “bring it on.” Petrossi said the man dropped the beer and fled.

Petrossi wasn’t about to let the man get away. He gave chase, literally kicking the would-be thief through the store’s front door.

Surveillance video captured the man stumbling through the door with Petrossi in pursuit. The suspect is seen getting to his feet, pulling up his pants and running off. Petrossi ran after the suspect into a neighboring parking lot. There the man approached a van but fled on foot when he saw Petrossi pursuing him. The store manager said he suspected the van belonged to the suspect, so he snapped a picture of its license plate on his cell phone camera.

Petrossi continued after the suspect, who looped back, got into the van, and attempted to drive away. His problems weren’t quite over, though. Petrossi grabbed a rock and threw it through the driver’s side window, shattering it.

The photograph of the license plate became part of the police report on the incident and on Wednesday, 24-year-old Corey Allen Funk was arrested in Fresno for the attempted robbery. Funk is suspected in five robbery attempts in Modesto. Four of them were successful.

Funk is being held in Stanislaus County Jail on $250,000 bail.


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