Motorcycle Cops? Yes its my partner…..


My partner Byran isn’t sitting there on your street in the sun just trying to meet a “Quota”.

He’s not there to add a point to your driver’s license history and cause your insurance rates to soar.

He isn’t here to wreck your day while you’re driving to fast because you’re late to work.
But that’s the bottom line.

“If you’re driving too fast, you’re gonna run into Bryan!”

We see needless vehicle crashes occur on a daily basis. Along with those we often see deaths involved.

Children crossing the street unattended. Or running out from behind a parked car to chase a ball into the street. Another car pulling out in front of you. Your car performs differently at different speeds.

If the posted speed limit is 25 mph, it’s for a reason. If the speed limit is 45 mph, it’s for a reason. Hey, we’re not the ones who decide what the speed limits will be. Streets are analyzed for their purpose of through traffic, and for the hazards presented to both you, and the surrounding area. And the speed limits are set to accommodate both.

We’re there to remind you to slow down.

We’re there to pick up the pieces when someone is in too much of a hurry, and crashes.

My favorite saying throughout our book is, “Every action has a reaction.”
Slow down and you’ll never get a speeding ticket.
Don’t exceed the speed limit and you’ll never get a speeding ticket.
Leave earlier for work and you won’t have to speed to get there on time.
You get the idea?

How fast would you want the driver to be going of the car that slams into you at an intersection in a 25 mph residential street? 25 mph or 45 mph? The truck pictured here struck the light pole at an estimated 40-45 mph. The drive train of the truck was destroyed and debris was scattered 200 ft back. What if this person had been driving a compact vehicle instead of a big sturdy truck?

What if, everybody drove responsibly for one day and we didn’t have to respond to crashes, injuries, or write tickets? I’m thinking we’d be happy…for one day.

Can you help us out here? SLOW DOWN PLEASE! J.L


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