Question: Vandalism to a parked car?


Vandalism to a car parked at a bank parking lot:

“I have a quick question what to do when your car has been vandalized? and the local cops are not taking your case seriously or don’t care? They say that they will call you the same day and nobody call. Then you wait for a week and still no answer no help, but they manage to give you the run around and still no help. All I want is someone who cares and would take it seriously.”



Most the time when we are requested to take a vandalism report, its for insurance purposes. Most insurance companies will not accept a claim WITHOUT a police report or case file number being filed. I don’t know where you live or what agency you are dealing with – but here in Central California if I refused to take your report –

you could file a citizen complaint against me, and the outcome against me would more than likely be disciplinary action. And rightfully so.

You obviously want to file a report because your car was damaged.

Whether you know who did it or you don’t, it doesn’t matter.

Whether it was minor damage or major damage, it doesn’t matter.

You are entitled to have a report filed – and if its a random act with no suspect information, it takes about 5 minutes to complete~!

I would call them one more time to have the report filed, or go down to the station yourself and tell the clerk or desk officer you need a vandalism report filed. If they give you the same run around – politely ask to speak to a supervisor and explain your situation to him or her. Not too many supervisors I know, want to hear about they’re officers trying to get out of work…

You are entitled to have your report filed and you are entitled to receive a case file or incident history number for your insurance company.

Good luck and thanks for taking the time to write.

Jim Lambert
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