The future of GPS and your Safety


We ran across this article the other day and it seems that GPS in the very near future might be able to assist you with your safety.


Honda’s new GPS warns drivers when they’re about to leave their car in places where it is likely to be stolen, broken into or otherwise vandalized. The new technology, available from today if you live in Japan, links to local police stations and provides crime ratings by location, and if area is particularly dangerous it issues an alert. No indication of when or if this’ll come to the US. Originally posted at: InventorSpot

Well as you can imagine this system brings to the surface a huge potential for argument of what and where “High Crime” neighborhoods are and what constitutes a “high Crime” neighborhood but as technology moves forward it seems we will be seeing much more integration with this type of technology to add to our arsenal of items to help keep us safer in today’s world.


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