The "Have a nice night" Checklist


Revised for 2008 – here is the link to the new “have a nice night” checklist for the fridge. A quick check of this list on a nightly basis will keep you safer.

Download the checklist: Click here – .pdf file

Here is the text we attach to the checklist:

Thanks for looking into trying the Coptalk “Have a nice night!” Safety Checklist.

There is nothing on this list that goes beyond using common sense – however, we get so busy in our lives we often “forget” to take care of certain matters. Unfortunately, the safety of your family and home is not something that can be over looked.

We suggest you post this weekly checklist on your refrigerator door, and review it before you retire for the evening. After a while, you probably won’t need the checklist at all, or you may find you will modify it for your family’s needs.

Print out extra copies for a few months use – or use a copy machine if you are not using a computer. As we have stated in the media, our book “CopTalk” was written because of the public’s view that there is never a cop around when you need one.

If you and your family take this extra effort to secure your safety, and the safety of your property – I assure you – you will be freeing up hundreds of Officers to be actively patrolling the streets, instead of spending hours and hours of report taking for crimes that didn’t need to happen.

Doors Locked? Check all your doors to your residence. The front door, the back door, the side door, the door leading to the garage, sliding glass doors and patio doors.

If it’s a door – make sure it’s locked and secure.

Read more by clicking the link below:

Garage locked? Make sure your garage door is Closed and Locked! This is how most crooks get into your place at night!

Vehicles locked? Lock all the doors, roll up all the windows, and don’t leave valuables in plain view. Bring your purse or laptop computer into the house. Remove the face plate from your stereo! Remember – “Lock it or lose it”.

Windows Locked? Lock them all – even second story windows. Use window locks if you need to leave the windows open at night.

House Alarm on? It won’t work IF YOU DON’T USE IT!

Vehicle Alarms on? It won’t work IF YOU DON’T USE IT!

Night Lights on? Make sure motion lights are on and working. If you don’t have them – get them. If you don’t want them, at least leave the front and rear porch light on. Crooks hate light!

Smoke Alarm on? Make sure the little red light is on, or use the test button. If it’s not in working order, it isn’t going to save your life when you need it.

Fireplace / Electric Heaters secure? If you don’t want your house to catch fire while you are sleeping…..make sure sparks cannot ignite anything near the fireplace, and make sure a pet can’t knock over an electric heater. Safest bet? Turn it off when you go to sleep and buy an extra blanket

Cell Phones Charging? In case of a major disaster or emergency, cell phones have often been of great value for communication. If it’s not charged in the morning, it won’t do you much good. Don’t forget to charge it at night – so the cell phone company can charge you all day!

Where are your KIDS? It’s 11pm, do you know where your kids are at? Go check them!



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