Tips to Avoid: Purse Snatching


Purse Snatching:

Some NetCops tips to guard against purse snatching:

· Be aware of your surroundings, people, places, vehicles, sounds……etc.

· If your purse is grabbed, be careful about resistance. Resistance is usually met with violence.

· Have an accurate, current list of credit cards, numbers, etc., to provide to the police. This will also enable you to report your stolen cards quickly to the company without delay.

· Try not to keep expensive items such as jewelry, excessive amounts of cash, irreplaceable items such as heirlooms, in your purse.

· Keep a tight hold or control of your bag or purse, chances are the thief will try for an easier target than one that is being closely guarded.

· Try not to flip through a wallet accidentally showing a potential thief all the credit cards you have, and try not to write your ATM PIN number on the card, or even in your purse. Thieves are smart at times, and if your PIN number is written somewhere in your purse, the crook my figure it out and be a few hundred dollars richer before you even remember to report it.

· A stolen purse usually means the thief now has your address. Be aware of suspicious activity around your residence or business. Along with addresses, the thief may have a key. Usually all your keys are in your purse!! What more could a thief ask for. You’re at work and he has your address and keys to the place. Your purse-snatch can easily turn into an expensive burglary. Don’t hesitate to change the locks in your house or car if your keys are stolen along with personal info such as residence, work, vehicles, etc. The price of changing locks is far less than trying to replace valuables taken.

· Call in any suspicious activity or persons. So you were not a victim. Your call may save the next victim. Maybe a friend or relative of yours or mine can be spared the reality of becoming a victim, simply because you or me were observant. The guy hanging around the ATM machine, the guy loitering around the grocery store entrance, etc.

· A simple action or preventative measure by you can spell the difference between becoming a victim or not. A few preventative measures will take only a few seconds. Trying to replace a loss or recovering from a loss can take forever…..The choice is yours. Be smart and be safe. NetCops will try to help you with tips to avoid becoming a victim, and to avoid being hurt if you do become a victim. It’s a dangerous world out there now, and you can use all the tips you can get to avoid needless loss or injury. That’s where NetCops comes in. Were passing along information we have seen, experienced, tried, and proved, to help you beat the odds of becoming a victim.


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