Well, it’s finally here…


Well, it’s finally here. I went over to Jim’s and he handed me a professional bound book called CopTalk. I just stared at it for a few minutes and said “Wow”. It’s been a long time coming. What started out as an idea during graveyard shift a few years ago has materialized into reality. We launched CopTalk a few years ago in binder format with the idea of sending out updates occasionally as crime trends changed. Good idea, but in reality, the book wasn’t going to go far in binder format.

We knew in order to see our book on store shelves, we needed a professional looking bound version of the book but we didn’t know how to go about it. Ideally we wanted to obtain a publisher to handle everything for us but that takes a lot of money up front. We are not professional writers with publishers fighting for our book; we’re street cops trying to market our first book. We decided to publish CopTalk ourselves. We had the book edited, then our first batch printed. And I must admit, the book does look good. 288 pages of crime prevention tips and examples to help anyone avoid mistakes that others have made.

I think that’s what makes this book different. It’s not just a book saying “don’t do this” or “don’t do that”, CopTalk gives actual stories and examples of what someone else has done and what went wrong, then gives tips on how to avoid making the same mistakes that led them become victims in the first place. Just one topic can make a difference in your life or your family’s safety. We cover topics you may not even have thought about in the past, but once you read it, you will. You will see why crooks pick some people to become victims while others are passed by.

We offer our book CopTalk on our web-site and it’s also available online at Amazon.com (and soon Barnes & Noble). We’re currently in the process of trying to get CopTalk on store shelves everywhere. We hope you enjoy the book and we welcome your feedback or comments. And if a publisher reads our book and would like to contact us………..



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