Ask a Cop? License plate comes back to a different car



I was driving home tonight and I was behind a driver that kept brake checking me and once we came to a red light he almost backed up into me on purpose and then I started recording and got his license plate and when I looked it up online, it came back to a different car than what he was driving. is that unusual?


Sadly not unusual, the car was probably stolen. This would have been a good opportunity to get Law enforcement involved as if it worked out that person would potentially go to jail for reckless driving or better yet for stealing a vehicle.

I assume they did not hit you, so that is good, but this is also a way to do insurance fraud. And this is where dash cameras are one of the better investment you can make if you live in an area that has a high occurrence of this type of problem. I would also never suggest confronting or engaging with this type of person, they are usually going to be aggressive and can easily turn violent. Take video, photos etc

I am curious how you looked up the plate online and if that information is actually accurate or up to date.

– Call the police. Cops love contacting people like that.

Stay safe out there – especially these days.

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