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Story: Car Burglaries are off the hook!

broken window

Car burglaries are off the hook. Not a day goes by where we don’t get at least 5-6 calls of car burglaries being reported. Shouldn’t be a surprise though, what easier way is there to get free stuff to sell or trade for drugs? After most responsible people with jobs have eaten dinner, watched the evening news and dozed off to sleep, the scum of society comes out of the woodwork, just like roaches. They walk or cruise through neighborhoods looking for free stuff, stuff you left out for them. They look into cars to see what’s there; maybe a laptop, a nice phone, a briefcase, a nice stereo that someone didn’t take the faceplate off, a purse, wallet, backpack, anything that might have value. They try door handles because a lot of people make it easy for them by leaving cars unlocked.

My daughter used to leave a book bag in her car telling me it was a hassle to bring it in each night and that nothing of value was inside except books. I’d tell her that she might know nothing of value was inside but thieves don’t know that. To a thief, a book bag or backpack might contain a laptop or something of value so they break in to "check". If a thief looks inside your car and sees nothing, they move on. A thief usually doesn’t waste time breaking into a car just to "look" for something, they break into cars to grab what they see. If a car is unlocked they may rummage through an ashtray looking for loose change or car keys.

While most car burglaries occur during the night (less traffic, most people asleep, less potential for witnesses, thieves able to see approaching headlights etc.), there are some bold thieves that target shopping centers during the day. Where else can you find hundreds of cars all parked together with many containing laptops, purses, wallets and more? These thieves walk through rows of cars looking inside all the cars. If they see something, they grab it. If the car is locked they break a window. If they see nothing they keep walking until they see something in another car. Again, they don’t waste time breaking into a car "just to see" if something might be inside, they target cars where they know something is inside.

What prompted me to write about this topic again is that I went outside this morning to get into my truck to go to work. The windows were frosted over from the cold but I saw the "telltale" sign that the "roaches" were out that night. My drivers window had a clear "wipe" mark on it where someone had wiped the frost off and looked inside to see if anything was visible. Luckily I keep nothing in view so they moved on to other cars in the neighborhood. If I had left something of value in the car I would have found broken glass on the ground and my stuff missing. I’m sure if I took the time to circle my block I would have found cars broken into.

So take the precautions;

Lock your doors and most importantly, don’t leave ANYTHING in view in your car. If a thief looks inside your car make sure they don’t see anything and they’ll just keep walking on to the next car.

Motion lights over your driveway are GREAT! Thieves don’t like light, get a million watt bulb to light up the roaches when they approach your driveway and most of the time they’ll keep walking.

Car alarms, if you have one use it! A thief isn’t going to take the time to rummage through a car if a blaring alarm is going off drawing attention.

But keep in mind, even with lights or alarms, if something is in view they’ll smash a window and grab it, it only takes a second. The best protection is to not leave anything of value in your car.

So take precautions and keep your stuff safe. With the economy the way it is, burglaries and thefts are skyrocketing. If you leave stuff in your car it’s not a matter of "if" your car is broken into, it’s a matter of "when".      

Tis the Season………..


The Holiday season is upon us. And so are the scamming cold- hearted criminals who prey upon others. And this time of year it’s a little easier for them because people make it easy for them. Here are a few examples of incidents I’ve already started seeing occur:

** A man pulls into the Best Buy parking lot in a strip mall and a man approaches him stating that he works in a Best Buy warehouse that supplies televisions to Best Buy. The man stated that he had several 52” LCD televisions that were unsellable in the store because the box was damaged. The man stated the televisions were brand new with the factory warranty and that he was selling the televisions for $500 in the parking lot because the store could not sell them inside with the damaged boxes. The man said he had one left in his nearby car.

I don’t know about you, but I think this would make most people walk away quickly thinking scam. But, greed makes people victims all the time and this case was no different. The victim walks to the suspect’s vehicle and sees a sealed 52” TV box in the back of the suspect’s car. He quickly hands the suspect $500 cash and the suspect starts to get in his car. He tries to stop the suspect and the suspect pulls a gun and robs the victim for his wallet, cell phone and keys. The suspect drives off to go pull the scam again at another Best Buy store.

Greed……it will make you a victim. Remember the phrase “if it seems too good to be true then it probably isn’t true”. Guy thinks he’s going to get one over on Best Buy and get a new TV for more than ½ off but ends up getting robbed. Then he wastes our time calling us to help him. If he hadn’t been greedy and tried to commit an illegal act himself in the first place, he wouldn’t have gotten robbed. I think all calls involving greed and stupidity should be cleared as lesson learned.

** A woman goes Christmas shopping at several stores in a mall. After buying gifts at each store she puts the bags and packages in the car before going on to the next store. Pretty soon the car is stacked with goodies. A passing thief spots the bounty and breaks a window. The thief grabs several bags and items and also the woman’s purse which was left in the car (she didn’t want to get her purse snatched so she left it in the car on the seat). Woman returns to her car and everything is gone.

This time of year thieves LOOK for this kind opportunity. It really is like Christmas for them because they get so many free things during the holiday season. Go to any mall or major outlet store parking lot and just park and watch. You’ll see people “casing” the parking lot. Thieves walk, ride bikes, and the ones lucky enough to have a car or steal one cruise the parking lots looking for victims; women with purses hanging loose and not paying attention, cars stacked full of packages and gifts, purses, briefcases, laptops laying on car seats, greedy people who make easy targets for scams, etc etc.

Then there’s the scammers who bring their young children to the parking lots and scam money out of people stating they are poor and they need money to buy their child clothes and a toy for Christmas. This is the time of year most people are in the holiday spirit and vulnerable to these scammers. People feel sorry for them, hand them $5 or so and feel they did something nice for a poor person at Christmas. In reality all they did was buy some heroin, methamphetamine or a couple of 40 oz bottles of beer for a habitual loser who just scammed them.

I may sound cynical, in fact I know I sound I sound cynical, but you have to remember I’ve been a cop for over 20 years and see this all the time. Are there truly needy people and families out there? Absolutely! But it’s usually not the ones hanging out in parking lots or on street medians begging for beer money.

If you want a feel good feeling that you helped someone at Christmas, donate items to a Goodwill or Salvation Army type of organization. Give extra jackets or food items to a shelter or holiday collection drive. Volunteer at a homeless shelter or food kitchen over the holidays where you know your help is going towards a good cause.

Remember, there are far more scammers out and about this time of year because they are much more successful this time of year. Don’t let your greed or sympathy make you a victim.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Safe and Happy New Years. Don’t let thieves or scammers ruin your holidays.

And hopefully we will be back soon with our Podcasts. Unfortunately much of our time is now being spent dealing with a terminal illness in our family.

Happy Holidays and Stay Safe!

Mark & Jim

Story for this week and some excuses….

So I dug up this story and thou it was run in the book and on the site a few years ago its still very on topic for alcohol abuse and issues in our society today.

Also just a side note – we hope to be back to shows soon. Personal family issues, schedules and other items have been coming up all over the place for us. Who ever knew that getting four people together in one place even online could be so hard at times. But when you wiegh life against a free podcast something has to give.

Stick with us and thanks for your ongoing support and questions – we will be posting more answers and sending out some books to those listeners soon.

Attitude and Alcohol…

It was Cinco De Mayo over the weekend, and I saw more fights than if I had ordered a weekend special from pay-per-view…

Went to a noise call which ended up being a juvenile drinking party. While Mom’s away up in Napa for the weekend, her 15 year old “responsible” daughter decides to have a party. (Wasn’t quite what she had told Mom in regards to how “she’d be staying at a girlfriend’s house”)

While we were responding to the call, the neighbor called back to say it looked like a group of male subjects were getting ready to fight in front of the house.

When I pulled onto the street, the cowardly 6 or 7 drunken idiots who had ganged up on one guy, scurried away into the darkness like scared little rabbits. 7 against 1 – now that’s pretty classy.

The 19 year old kid with his ribs and face kicked in was so drunk he couldn’t feel a thing.

God help him the next morning because he’ll be feeling it then…

Inside the house, we found 14, 15, and 16 year old girls passed out in various stages of being intoxicated, and waiting around like vultures we found 18, 19, 22, 24, year old guys, as well as a 34 year old guy trying to hide under a table when we entered the house.

I looked around the room at the group of losers and saw an 18 year old we had arrested a month ago for stabbing someone else. Dude, I thought you were in jail for attempted murder? His sheepish reply….. “I’m out on bail” (Great system we have)

Another 20 year old sitting on the couch had been arrested in the past for rape of a minor.

The 24 year old who fled is a well known drug dealer and burglar in the area who loves to fight and hang out with the high school crowd.

The 34 year old hiding under the table like he was a high school kid?

“Uh ya, well I, uh, well I was just here picking up my brother….”

Nice guest list Buffy!

But of course when we attempted to call Mom to let her know what was going on…

All we got was voice mail. Buffy didn’t know the name of the hotel Mom was staying at.

Mom hadn’t notified her neighbors as to where she would be staying in case of emergency. There were no family members there to keep watch over a 15 year old girl who suddenly decided she was grown up enough to have a party.

The parents of the drunk juvenile girls weren’t too happy when we called them to the house to pick up their offspring. Hey who knows, some of these parents might become grandparents in 9 months time… And the proud father will be a 24 year old unemployed drug dealing loser who likes to party with 15 year old girls. Nice!

Many kids of today haven’t got anything going in life, but they got plenty of hate and attitude! 7 guys against 1, brutally kicking a guy in the face and ribs whose down on the ground.

Attitude and alcohol – nice mix!

We go to another party call because the neighbors are tired of the yelling, swearing, and skidding tires in front of their houses. Oh yeah, they didn’t appreciate the groups of male juveniles urinating on their lawns either. A neighbor asked one of the kids to stop urinating on his lawn and the overly confident 18 year old threatened to get a gun and shoot up the house.

The attitude quickly went away when he was wearing handcuffs getting stuffed into a patrol car. You want to play Barney Bad Ass junior? Well come on, lets play!

Now you’re under arrest for public intoxication, and even better, the felony of making criminal threats to another.

5 minutes ago you had 3 dollars in loose change in your pocket that you stole out of your little sister’s coin jar at home, but now you get to call Mommy and Daddy from the big people’s jail and tell them how your bail is $75,000.

If junior had kept his mouth shut and showed a little respect to the homeowner, he never would have gotten into the situation of getting arrested – but junior wasn’t smarter than a 5th grader, and when he starts filling out job applications so he can pay back Mommy and Daddy for bailing him out of jail, he’ll have to remember to check the little box that says “Have you ever been arrested – please explain”.

We’re sorry junior, we discovered you’ve been arrested in the past for a felony charge, and we can’t hire anyone with a felony conviction – so please


Attitude and Alcohol – Nice mix!

The kid hosting the party?

A nice 17 year old young man – dripping with attitude!

Where’s your parents?

They’re away?

Did they know you were having a party?


How can I get a hold of them?

I don’t know, I don’t know where they’re at.

What if there was an emergency?

I dunno, like what?

You have a trash bag?

Yeah, why?

Cuz you have 5 minutes to get the street cleaned up of all the broken bottles and red plastic cups or you’re going to be figuring out what Mommy and Daddy’s phone number is from juvenile hall.

I grew up in Oakland California. If I ever showed any disrespect to an officer, not only would the officer kick my ass, but my Dad would do it all over again after the officer took me home! I learned at a young age to respect the cops, the firemen, and the paramedics who are out there to keep the rest of us safe.

But in this day and age?

What’s being taught to these youngsters dripping with attitude?

I left a phone message for junior’s Mom and Dad to call me upon their return so I could discuss the party their son had while they were away. They never called. Guess it wasn’t important enough to be bothered with.

I drove past the house a week later and saw Mommy and Daddy’s car at the house so I stopped in to talk to them. Mom came to the door drunk as a skunk – nice!

So glad to see it runs in the family!

Another nearby police agency called for mutual aid because a large fight was taking place inside and outside a popular nightclub. Some drunk dude throws a punch at another drunk dude, and all of a sudden every drunk dude in the place has to show how tough they are by getting into a fight not even involving them. And then when the cops get there, the cops become the target of everyone’s drunken hostility….but in the end, the cops aren’t there to lose and order is quickly restored.

Man, what a cool way to end Cinco De Mayo… sobering up in a smelly room, with a bunch of other smelly drunks at the county jail… You take your girlfriend out for a nice night to be with friends, have a couple drinks, listen to some music, and the night ends up in the toilet because you can’t handle your alcohol, and you have way too much attitude to mix with it… Nice!

But don’t worry about your girlfriend. As you were being driven off to jail in the police car, she was the one the bar staff was leading out of the bar because she could barely walk… She was the one with her arms around the 5 gallon bucket that she was puking into. Yes, someone’s parents are very proud!

Attitude and alcohol – Nice mix!

At least in my area, we don’t have shootings on a regular basis although they are becoming much more frequent. Watch the evening news. Read the newspapers.

Nightclub shooting leaves 3 dead and 9 injured. Don’t think attitude and alcohol doesn’t cause these.

Stupid 1 says something that makes Stupid 2 angry, and Stupid 2 runs out to his car in the parking lot to get his 9mm manhood. Stupid 2 shoots blindly at Stupid 1, but of course misses and hits 12 other innocent people. Stupid 2 then finds himself wearing a spiffy little blue jumpsuit for the rest of his life after he gets sentenced to life in prison…

And for what I ask?

Attitude and Alcohol – nice mix!

Guy with a 2 year old being kept up by loud music and swearing from a backyard party at 2am, drives around to the party house to ask the homeowner if they can lower the music because of the late hour. The guy is instantly surrounded by 10 drunk people from the party who literally chase him out onto the street. When he tries to get into his car to leave, someone throws a bottle from across the street which hits the guys in his jaw.

As he tries to drive away, the attitude and alcohol kicks the mob mentality trait into high gear, and the subjects began punching and kicking every inch of the car to the point where all the windows were smashed out.

The guy hosting the party jumped up onto the hood of the car and began stomping out the windshield. 26 years old, 5-9, and 135 lbs. Yes, that’s 135 lbs. A real brute!

I’m thinking if this little scrawny 135 wimp was by himself, he wouldn’t have attacked his “neighbor” simply for asking for the music to be turned down.

But attitude, alcohol, and 9 dumb ass friends? Nice Mix!

Know what the sad thing is?

I used to enjoy an ice cold beer. I used to enjoy a cold margarita.

I used to enjoy a glass of wine with dinner. I used to enjoy going out to nightclubs every now and then to hang out, meet new people, and listen to some good bands.

But now whenever I feel like having an occasional drink, all I can think of is all the drunk losers I run into during my shifts at work. Juveniles and adults alike… You can have it!

I’ll stick with my venti non fat iced lattes, but here’s some free friendly advice.

If you can’t drink alcohol responsibly – then don’t drink.

If you go to a night club and see trouble brewing – leave.

If a fight breaks out nearby – stay out of it and leave.

If you’re a designated driver – don’t drink!

If you’re drinking and driving – you’re an idiot and I can’t wait to meet you.

If you have teens at home and you leave for the weekend without them, don’t leave them unsupervised at home. You might have the greatest kids in the world, but their friends may not be as responsible or trustworthy, and more often than not, it’s the “friends” who will influence good kids into making poor decisions.

Leave contact information with the neighbors, and tell them to call you, or the police, at the first signs of anything unusual taking place.

If you’re going to have responsible kids, you have to show them you’re responsible parents. Don’t leave them unsupervised with no way of you being contacted!

To all the great parents out there with great kids who know more about love and trust than how much orange juice to pour in with Meyers Rum…. God bless you!

My frustration isn’t directed at you.

But to those of you with Attitude and Alcohol on the brain?

See you soon!

Attitude and Alcohol – Nice Mix!

Can’t wait for next years 5th of May celebrations!


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