Ask a Cop?: Car Titles and my EX..



Hello so my ex and i had broken up we had a shared title. It read [(my name) or (her name)]. On the title. Well she got mad when we broke up and out of spite went to local dmv and transferred ownership into her name as i found out because i got pulled over and my plate didn’t belong to any car


Simple answer is AND or OR on the title….. AND means both of you have to sign off on the title to sell the car or change title. OR means either one of you can. So while it may have been out of spite, she was legally justified to do it. Some states may have different laws for property and you can always try Judge Judy, but usually when the title says OR then either party can sign off on the title. Next time around make sure the title says AND if your next wife or GF’s name will be on it…



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