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My parents recently went to court for custody for me and my little brother after separation which happened about 9 months ago but it want a legal divorce. Laws were put in place that I have to be with my dad on the weekends and mom during the week. Today (saturday) we went to my brothers sports game on my dad’s parenting time. My grandmother is in town and is visiting my mom and was with her at the sports game. During it I sat with my grandma and my mom and my dad was sitting with some friends. Is it illegal to sit with my mom and grandma even though I’m “with” my mom right now?


Sadly this is not a question we can really answer. Officers and Deputies for the most part do not enforce custody circumstances like this one. It matters what was written in the rules of the custody case and that usually sites with lawyers figuring it all out. It mentioned laws were put in place, I would change that to deals were put in place to clear that up as custody is usually based in mediation of what both parents might think they want and then end with what they all agree too.

I would have a discussion with your parents and allow them to try to clear up the confusion as it is hard enough to be a kid let alone need to navigate the complexity of divorce and custody battles and rules. If I was going to guess (and that is all this is) I would say this is not illegal per say, but it might not be what either parent might want. But if they are being th best parents they can be there might need to be some concessions made for the best interest of you guys. It is not against the law to want to see your grandma, but as you might know, sometimes more rules apply when you are under the age of 18 and living in their homes.

Have a talk with them, see if that does not get you the answers – Having clear air in these situations is the best plan.

Good luck, I was in the same type of deal when I young, in the end it worked out for the better as both of my parents were much happier apart but cordial when meeting for short periods of time.


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