Episode #32 – CopTalk Podcast


Ask a Cop? Kidnap: Thanks Vince

What should you do if someone at gunpoint wants you to get in their car? First I’d like to say that I really do like your show and do appreciate all you do to keep us safe. Sometimes it’s hard to follow you, because amist all the joking, things get lost in the process. I assume this is how you handle stress because I cannot even imagine what it would be like to be a cop, especially since so many look down on cops, which I consider unfortunate. I guess that is why I always tell cops when I see them just how much their appreciated.
My other question is what is the legal length of a knife that one can have in their pocket?

Ask a Cop? Police Job: Thanks Josh

I smoked pot for about ten months, took unperscribed lortab (less than 5 times), and did zanex once. I am 16 and been sober for almost four months. Will I be able to become a cop in alabama when I turn 19.

Ask a Cop? Sealed Record: Thanks Chris

Love the podcast. My question is this. If you have a sealed record would that prevent you from applying and becoming a cop. Something happened when I was 17 and it went into a youthful offender sealed record and I am 34 now and work for the federal government under DHS. My dream is to still become a cop and any help would be greatly appreciated. I was never arrested but while in court I pled guilty and the judge placed it in a sealed record. Also would that show up if you applied for a position as police officer. It was a stupid thing I did as a kid and have been a model citizen since.

Ask a Cop? Stalking: Thanks Mariah

I think I am being stalked. This guy is from a differen’t country, he is 20 years old. We are currently friends right now, but he calls me sweetie and gives me a LOT of compliments. I am 14. He started off by calling me and leaving me voice messages, and then I texted him because I got freaked out. He apologized and told me he would back off and didn’t mean to sound “stalkerish”. I love talking to people around the world because I find it interesting. I guess my questions are: How can you tell if someone is a predator? Do you think this guy is a predator? And what actions should I take if he is? He just makes me feel important and we share a lot in common….

Ask a Cop? No Knock Warrants: Thanks Tony

What are some of the reasons a no knock warrent can be issued ? i.e…. to many people come across a homes thresh hold in an hour ? or to much traffic in and out of a home ? or how many calls to the police have to be made about a certain address about to much traffic or suspicious activity going on there?


  • Apps for phones for unlocking / starting cars
  • Obituary burglaries shock communities, law enforcement
  • Next week – Internet Crime and Safety
  • Social Engineering

In closing:


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