FLASHBACK – 9/11/2001

World Trade Center………9/11/01

September 11th 2001 Posted to Stories

Horrific – Reads the headlines…

Heroic – Are the people…

Our love and prayers go to the hero’s of New York. The Firefighters and Police Officers who lost their lives in the rescue attempt at the World Trade Towers. The Paramedics and EMT’s who responded to the initial calls for help. And to the heroic efforts of citizen volunteers who risked their own lives to save the lives of others.

I was touched but not surprised to hear countless statements made by eyewitnesses at the scene, who had escaped the carnage.

“We couldn’t believe those guys (the firefighters and cops), we were all trying to escape down the stairwell and get the hell out of there, and those guys just kept passing by us as they climbed the stairwell to help the injured”.

Incredible Bravery – Incredible Heroism – Incredible people.

Yes it really happened. We’ve all seen the pictures, the news coverage, the personal stories of tragedy and loss. We are hopeful that the current investigation taking place to identify the responsible parties in this senseless tragedy will be swift, thorough, and complete. Our hope is that retaliation measures will be equally as swift and thorough.

Where a tragedy such as this brings a country together, it is amazing to me to listen to talk radio and hear some callers say how war is not the answer. How we should not put ourselves on the level of terrorist causing senseless destruction and death. We need to be civil….

It would not be appropriate to comment on just how misinformed these people are. I will only say this. “Every action has a reaction.” Our Nation’s reaction to this terrorist action will determine what kind of message we send to the world as to how much tolerance we have towards terrorism.

I heard a talk show radio host say he supported arresting the responsible persons, bringing them to justice, and locking them away forever. Uh huh…

When you think about these animals watching Cable TV in prison for the rest of their lives, working out in the weight room, eating 3 meals a day, and writing daily letters to their comrades back home, think about something else.

Think about being at work in the World Trade Center having your morning cup of coffee and the nose of a 767 jetliner being flown by terrorist smashing through your office and ending your life and the lives of thousands in an instant inferno.

Think about being the Husband or Wife of the Firefighters or Police Officers who lost their lives in that carnage.

Think about your daughter on the street below pushing the baby stroller with your brand new grand daughter in it, being crushed by falling debris.

Think about being a passenger on one of those 4 planes.
Think about having a relative on one of those 4 planes, calling you on a cell phone to say goodbye for the last time.

Think about looking out an office window and having to make the decision of burning to death, or jumping 110 stories down to your death. Think about the targets that could have been anywhere in the United States.

The bottom line is, think about this having happened to you, or near you.
Hey, it doesn’t matter that this happened in New York and that you may not have known any of the victims personally.

It happened to all of us. In an unexpected second, it happened to each of us who calls ourselves an American. We all became victims of terrorism and we must all remember this could have happened anywhere in the United States.

Terrorists are like a cancer. If not treated properly and swiftly, a cancer can quickly take over a body and death is soon to follow. This cancer must be removed completely and swiftly. It has nothing to do with being “civil”. It has everything to do with establishing one thing and one thing only that these people will understand. Force and Fear.

I will say it again…. these people will understand one thing and one thing only. Force, and fear. In this case, all bets are off. It’s a case of being “an eye for an eye”. Not a pleasant thought for a “civilized nation” to think about but our reaction must set a tone of zero tolerance…or we will be experiencing these tragedies on a much more regular and severe basis.

God Bless our Firefighters and Police Officers who lost their lives. God bless their families and loved ones. God bless those who lost their lives in this tragedy, and for those who are trying to do so much to help.

To sum it all up…God Bless America, and help us stay strong.

Jim Lambert
Netcops PSI


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