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Topic: Oakland “Riots”

I came across this article written by a citizen of Oakland, CA – It discusses many points that just need to be heard by all:

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As I sit, there are helicopters circling over our house. Normally, we’d see people out and about this time of night, walking dogs or heading home from the grocery store down the street. But tonight, our neighborhood is quiet. A few blocks away, streets are lined with police in riot gear, closely watching the development of a violent reaction to the New Year’s Eve killing by a transit police officer of a young unarmed man. People peer out of windows, wondering what’s going on. A photographer friend of ours works late into the night, snapping shots of quiet protests that soon become raucous riots. Cars are ablaze. Shop windows shatter. Again and again and again, the copters pass over us. The dog paces back and forth, watching the ceiling, waiting to see what comes next.

By morning, the news has hit the national media: “Riots in Oakland!” one paper shouts. “Oakland turns violent over shooting,” another announces. The narrative is disturbing, the images even more so. Most devastating, though, are the many commenter’s. People living hundreds of miles away are unfazed by this. “Oakland? That hellhole?” one writes. “Let the whole place burn!” “Not surprising,” another notes. “It is Oakland, after all.”

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