Identity Theft and the Internet:


This is the start of multiple articles on the internet and identity theft. I will also be discussing ways to prevent and or solve and mitigate issues you might already have on your computers.

To start a bit about my background and why you might want to think about this advice as well rounded and tested before just believing that I know what I am talking about.

I have been heavily involved in IT for my company for many years now to include network administration and IT infrastructure on top of normal day to day duties. The funny part of all this is I had to learn how to be a tech guy pretty much overnight when we decided it was time to connect all of our employees.

So how do you become a tech IT wizard overnight, well you don’t and on top of that you cannot even expect to be able to grasp all the information you will need. Here is how I did it, I simply concentrated on what I knew how to do, supplemented that with items I knew I could learn quickly and then joined forces with an expert for the items I had no idea how to do. It makes much better business sense to sub out for services you might never really need to do again. Another incredible resource for internet security knowledge is: Security Now! located at

you will find a ton of very in depth information there that will help you to better understand what is going on in the world of internet security. I can listen to one podcast a week and stay up to date on all security issues in the hour I drive into work. Like everything these days it all comes down to time and making the best use of it, and I ma sure all small business owners reading this can relate.

So in the end I have seen just about all the user issues I can stand and I have worked on everything from my own machines to company machines to servers. With all this I have made allot of mistakes and thus learned allot of lessons, so hopefully this multi-part series will help you to better understand what needs to be done to try to prevent both identity theft on the net and also how to deal with some of the hardware and software problems we are exposed to daily.

The Series will somewhat follow the below topics but might not be presented in the order below:

  • Identity Theft
  • Preventing Identity Theft
  • Email – Spam and Nightmares!
  • Viruses and Spyware! – What should I do?
  • How do I stay secure on the internet?
  • What is a good backup solution?

As I write the above articles I am sure I will be revising and adding to this short list of topics, but if you have specifics you want to hear more about please let me know by commenting or via email…


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