Reader Question: Police Questioning


“I’ve had the cops show up at my apartment twice in the past year. Once it was for a noise complaint and the other time my drunken roomies got in a fight. Neither time did the officers issue citations or arrests but they did ask some questions that held absolutely no relevance to the situation. Both times I was asked "Where do you work?" I told them that I work in the consumer packaged goods industry. They continued to ask me where specifically where until I finally told them that I would not be answering anymore questions until an attorney was present. At that point they quit asking me. Neither time did they fill out a report so why was it necessary to ask that question? Both instances happened at my home so they knew how to get in contact with me.

Why did the Jacksonville Beach police department pester me twice for this information?”


We cannot explain why other departments or officers do things because we were not there, but it sounds like on both instances they had a legitimate complaint of noise coming from your apartment. 

Often, officers fill out a FI card (field interview) or a contact card on people they speak to. One of the questions on the card is a persons occupation and work address. Often if officers have to respond to the same address numerous times for noise or disturbances, the owner / tenant can be billed for the officers time so they need that information. Or if a neighbor wants to make a complaint for the noise, the officer would need all of your information for the complaint. They do not have to issue a citation or make an arrest for the incident to be documented but they do need a persons information.

Officers need to obtain all the information needed to document certain incidents they respond to, whether an arrest is made or not. If you need more answers, contact the Jacksonville Beach department directly to ask them.


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