Updates to COPTALK.info


As most will be able to tell we are making big changes at Coptalk.info…

First is the new URL and a blog format. We did this for many reasons but the main one is ease of use and ability for those that like to subscribe to RSS feeds for instant updates and ease of navigation to the many articles, tips, stories and news we post.

The second is in the world of Web 2.0 – interactive is key and our old site did not give anyway for our readers to comment and let us know what they felt about the issues we discuss. Now you can, feel free to comment, just fill out the comment box.

A word on comments, they are all moderated! so if you just want to cause problems or spam us with viagra ads well do not bother as they will never get approved. But please also understand we cater to a huge, diverse audience and we need to keep it clean but also keep it real and will post and respond to just about everything.

We will soon have a redesigned main site at our old address: www.netcopspsi.com

The old format is just too old and we will be using coptalk.info for our tips and stories while www.netcopspsi.com will cater to the marketing of the book and hopefully soon the proposed new radio show will also be part of that site with podcast downloads and even more free information.

For now you have coptalk.info for your weekly commentary about how to live a bit safer in today’s society.

Archived tips and stories back to 1998 when we started. We are missing some but as we dig them out of the archives we will post them up.

Thanks for the support over the years. Readers are what keeps Coptalk alive!


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