Ask A Cop: Cop Cars, can they use anything?



I have been thinking, do police cars really have to be a Ford or a Chevrolet can they be like another custom car like a sports car or just another car brand? Like maybe for a wilderness trail you could bring a rally car to chase down the convicts a car for the police to choose to fit their needs.


There’s all kinds of police vehicles, most are Fords or Chevys for basic street patrol use, but some have Camaros, Vipers and Dodge Chargers for Highway interception, and they also have police trucks, Off Road Vehicles, motorcycles, dirt bikes, etc. I’ve even seen a Lamborghini, Ferrari and a Plymouth Prowler police car but mainly used for public display events. So yes, they do use different makes and models but the main patrol force for street use is Fords and Chevys. In fact in Europe and even in the US a cop car can be basically anything, but if you do travel to Europe watch out and many are totally unmarked interceptor vehicles for highway / traffic enforcement and you will never see them coming till it is way too late.

You will also see very specialized vehicles for Law Enforcement use that are designed for SWAT and Tactical operations. Vehicles are another tool in the tool belt for officers and deputies to use to get their very difficult jobs done. In a future article we can dive more into what is indie these vehicles that help them do their jobs on a daily basis and some of the very interesting new technologies being used to help stop crime.


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