Ask a Cop: Running a red? 6 Months later?




I have a weird scenario I can’t think through alone. I volunteer firefight and recently had a cop come into the firehouse and ask to speak with me. He mentioned that 6 months ago I failed to stop at a red & when he lit me up. I do not recall this. He recalls my vehicles back window (there’s stickers) and the front bumper (how if he was behind me?). He says he drove by and saw my truck and wanted to confront me about it. Is this normal protocol or should I be concerned of retribution?

Answer :

Well in my opinion this is not at all normal protocol. It is very strange you do not recall being pulled over / lit up and if he did light you up why did he not talk to you when the original incident occurred. While it might not be retribution, it might be considered very strange or fishing for other info or just not normal in any way. If it continues or possibly even now a call or meeting with a supervisor might be the way to go to try to better understand why he contacted you about this months later. There should be record of the stop in some cases or even possibly video of the stop, but this depends on how long they retain data or if they even have these types of systems in place.


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