Ask a Cop?: How do I get a mugshot?



Hi! So I was just wondering if you knew what the smallest crime I could commit would be to get me arrested and get a mugshot taken? I just want to have one so that in the future I can say I have it. My concern is that I don’t want anything too serious on my record, if anything at all – for future job opportunities.


Gotta admit, I had to laugh out loud at this one…..

It’s not like Police departments offer photo packages… But I did tell some people I arrested they had a choice of a pull-down backdrop such as San Quentin, Soledad Prison or Alcatraz and they could get 2-8×10’s – 4-5×7’s and 12 wallet photos of their mugshot. Some thought I was actually serious….

But seriously, why would you want an arrest on your record? even if it’s a minor offense.

A mugshot is taken when you are arrested and taken to the station. And an arrest means it goes on your record forever and could be discovered by anyone, including future job opportunities.

I’d love to be a potential employer and hear you explain: I got arrested on purpose just to get a copy of my mugshot”…. Hate to disappoint you, but you wouldn’t get an opportunity to get a copy of your mugshot” it’s police department property they don’t hand out.

But, you can Google mugshot images and spend hours or days scrolling through them until you find one that looks just like you.

Or better yet, just make your own. Google make your own mugshot and I’m sure you’ll be able to create one and proudly display a mugshot of yourself to family and friends, without having to actually get arrested….. But make sure those sites are legit as uploading your photo to anything non legit could lead to issues with your identity being stolen.


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