Ask a Cop?: Renters Rights



A LADY JUST CAME TO MY DOOR STATING SHES THE OWNER OF OUR HOUSE I RENT, I AM RENTING FROM MY BOSS, I FOUND IT TO BE A LITTLE STRANGE SHE WANTED TO WALK IN AND AROUND TO EACH ROOM, I TOOK HER LICENSE PLATE NUMBER. SHE GAVE THE NAME MARTHA, I can’t reach my boss to confirm this. Can I give you tag number to find out her identity? In case this is someone looking to rob my place. My boyfriend whom also lives here was asleep at the time he is stating it didn’t seem right and wanted me to contact your dept.


Landlords cant just walk in to a renters home. I would have asked for proof or tell her to wait for the police to verify it. I’m sure by now you reached your boss, let us know the outcome. Do not let anyone in your home without verifying who they are. You can always go to the the police station and talk with an officer about the incident, they might run the license plate to see who the registered owner was. Maybe your boss was a squatter who sub rented to you……. just saying


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