Episode #3 – Coptalk Podcast

Reader / Listener Questions
Question #1 – Here is my question. If you have a couple that split up and there are 2 vehicles between them. one takes one and the other takes the other vehicle. both vehicles are registered to only one of the two. can the one that has their name on the title report the car stolen if the other individual refuses to give it back? also would that both names are on the registration only make a difference.
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Question #2 – I have been charged with a Class B misdemeanor. Is it legal for me to carry a unloaded, open action, rifle in my truck while on probation?
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Question #3 – I was pulled over for speeding.  The cop commented that I am setting a bad example as a Christian because my license plate read “Christians aren’t perfect just forgiven by a God who is” – he proceeded in questioning my faith and Christianity.  Is that ok to Judge, belittle, or put me down.
What to Expect at a traffic stop?
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Local Police Department cannot move without many issues from local citizens

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