Ask a Cop? 4″ Switchblade in public?



I am 18, is it legal for me to own a 4+ inch switchblade and carry it in public?


This totally depends on where you are located as federal, state and local laws can dictate this.

In California this is just a quick summary:

Open carry:

Knives can be carried openly, but not concealed, such as folding knives in the folded position. Fixed-blade knives, such as butcher knives, are legal to carry and transport, but must be visible. Fixed blades less than 5 inches long can be openly carried on the belt.

Concealed carry:

Knives can only be carried concealed, such as pocket knives.

Always illegal to carry:

Knives that are always illegal to carry include switchblades, butterfly knives, belt-buckle knives, and ballistic knives. Other illegal knives include:

Cane knives, Air gauge knives, Lipstick knives, Writing pen knives, Undetectable knives, Shobi-zue (cane knife)

California knife laws are broad and not all easy to understand, and there are a ton of knife laws. Other states have less but you need to look at your local state and county laws to make sure you are good to go.

I would be amazed if any major city allows for switchblades over 4 inches or switch blades at all anymore.

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