At least this time……


At least this time I actually got to see why I waited in traffic – but how people do this in stop and go traffic well its beyond me… As mark said – it’s probably texting…. thankfully his phone cannot do that…

As you can see by the photo the CHP (California Highway Patrol) has made the transition to LED lightbars that are low profile and highly visible. Watch for them on the highways in California and in most states as the new warning technology is released.


PS: Do not take photos while driving it’s dangerous… 🙂


  1. Hmmmm Brent, using a cell phone to take a picture of an accident probably caused by someone using a cell phone……..we’ll get on you about that on the next show….Mark

  2. Well it was not a cell phone…. and I was stopped at the time…. plus I clearly have a disclosure above….


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