Ask a Cop? I forgot my glasses?




I have a vision restriction, I am not very blind (I sometimes forget I’m not wearing glasses)!

I have had my glasses for perhaps 4 years and I am wondering if it’s illegal for me to drive with them (I see fine). It seems that every two years you should check your eyes.

Thank you


When you renew your license you will also get a vision test. If you are found to need to wear glasses while driving you will need to wear them while driving or some form of corrective eyewear.

In California where I am it goes something like this:

California requires drivers to have at least 20/40 vision in one eye and 20/70 vision in the worse eye to drive. Drivers who have less than 20/40 combined vision must wear corrective lenses while driving. The DMV uses the Snellen Eye Chart to determine vision, which has 11 lines of letters ranging from 20/200 to 20/20. The DMV may issue a regular driver’s license, a restricted license, or deny a license if a driver doesn’t meet the vision standards.

Based on that, if your license calls out needing to wear glasses, you need to wear them. If it does not you should not need them. If your vision has got worse go see a eye doctor for a full evaluation or a correction to your prescription as we all want you to be able to see while driving, trust us ?

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